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Creating havoc for your neighbours
Published 12/05/14

Film: Bad Neighbours

Certificate: (15)

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Starring: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Effron, Dave Franco

MAC and Kelly Radner are an average young, responsible couple who have just landed in respectable suburbia with their baby daughter. When they find that new neighbours are moving in next door they’re keen to make friends, and indeed the college boys that rock up seem nice enough. It’s just that they hadn’t realised they’re not exactly the studious type, and in no time at all they’re dealing with raucous parties and other typical student shenanigans.

What follows is a catalogue of the Radners’ increasingly bizarre schemes to have them thrown out — including a prank with an air bag and a scene involving home-made dildos.

Seth Rogen (Mac) has been re-moulded from the bad boy of films like Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40-yearold Virgin into a man of substance and respectability.

Not so Zac Effron, who shot to fame in 2006 in High School Musical, and now plays leader of the gang next door Teddy,

Rose Byrne, who plays Kelly, made her name in Bridesmaids and is acclaimed as the real show-stealer in this movie performing in her native Aussie accent and showing some great comic timing. Also, her character has substance, and is up there with the boys as she cooks up more and more elaborate ways to get rid of the neighbours from hell, rather than being the token woman amongst a crowd of men.

This is English-born director Nicholas Stoller’s fourth feature film and like the previous three he works hard to put a “British humour” stamp on the predictable Hollywood comedy genre. And there has been praise aplenty, too, for screenwriters Andrew J Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. It has been described as hilarious, but it’s not for those who can’t stomach vulgarity.

PUBLISHED 12/05/14

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