Friday, 21 September 2018

Magician Paul Daniels in sling again

PAUL DANIELS caused concern among his fans this week when he posted a picture of his arm in a sling on Twitter.

The 76-year-old magician, who lives in Wargrave, uploaded the picture with the caption “Bummer” and within minutes was inundated by tweets from worried fans.

Daniels is recovering from an operation to cure stenosing tenosynovitis, or “trigger finger”, a condition which affects the tendons in his hand.

He said: “I have annual injections in my finger because it locks down and last time the surgeon said instead of coming back every year I could come in for an operation and spend two weeks out of action.

“Now I’ve got two weeks of utter frustration, walking round with my hand held above the level of my heart.

“Debbie (McGee, wife) will have to do everything for me now. I’m a dictator so it will be fun.”

Daniels arranged to have the operation at the Circle Reading Hospital on Monday because he had a couple of weeks off work.

But he is confident of being able to start the annual Wargrave 10K race on Sunday.

“I’ve still got one hand free so I’ll be able to squeeze the horn,” he said.

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