Friday, 20 July 2018

Tom Cruise gets a lift from RAF Benson

TOM CRUISE was flown into London by an expert crew from RAF Benson for his latest film.

The Hollywood star plays Major William Cage in futuristic thriller Edge of Tomorrow alongside Emily Blunt. The story is about aliens who invade Earth. Cruise lands in Trafalgar Square in a Puma HC Mk1 in the opening scene, which was filmed in November 2012. He said it was "one of those exceptionally cool moments in a career spent in locations all around the world".

Squadron Leader Brad Hewitt, currently Officer Commanding B Flight of 230 Squadron based at RAF Benson, said: "Working with Tom Cruise was something that I never thought I would do when I joined the RAF.

Tom Cruise

"He was extremely professional and very pleasant. He was so excited that we were getting to do this flight for the film. Everyone had worked so hard to get it to happen — it's not every day that a helicopter gets to fly into Trafalgar Square.

"The Puma is an absolutely fantastic aircraft for this task. It's very small, very capable and perfect for the urban environment, for tight landing sites close to buildings, close to trees. For this particular task it has got a large enough cabin that it could carry the actors, the sound personnel and camera crew that were required to perform the task.

"It is a little strange to think that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people have seen us but it's a great advert for the Royal Air Force.

"The crew did a great job and I think the results are just absolutely fantastic."

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