Saturday, 22 September 2018

Pupils sell cakes for a good cause

THREE girls organised a cake sale because they felt sorry for children in Africa.

THREE girls organised a cake sale because they felt sorry for children in Africa.

Alisha McArthur, Katy Spatcher and Lilly Hoogenberg served more than 50 people and raised £85 for Save the Children in two hours.

The girls, who are all eight, made plans for the fund-raiser during their lunch breaks at Valley Road Primary School in Henley.

They made posters and flyers and invited teachers and fellow pupils to the sale in Henley market place. The only people they had forgotten to tell were their parents, which led to some frantic last-minute action by the girls? families.

Alisha?s father Magnus, of Ancastle Green, said: ?Small mentions were made at home to us but each parent thought the other parents had arranged it and would be in charge.?

The parents were only told the night before the sale that they needed to make 30 cakes and must contact the town council for permission to set up a stall.

Mr McArthur said: ?We were incredibly impressed with their idea and planning ? we were just very surprised that so much had gone on without our knowledge.? The adults made a selection of muffins, brownies and cakes which their daughters then sold for 30p each in Falaise Square.

The girls insisted they didn?t want any help with selling the cakes as two of them manned the stall and the third one encouraged passers-by to make a purchase.

Mr McArthur said: ?The girls were so excited and proud that they had done everything themselves. I think they?d like to do it every week.?

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