Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Campaigners show support for refugees

CAMPAIGNERS showed their support for the people caught up in the refugee crisis in Europe with a peaceful demonstration in Henley

CAMPAIGNERS showed their support for the people caught up in the refugee crisis in Europe with a peaceful demonstration in Henley.

About 20 people with placards reading ?We welcome refugees? gathered in Market Place on Saturday.

The event was organised by Nicola Rogers, from North End, and was part of a national day of action.

Mrs Rogers said: ?I thought it was important to have a presence outside London that shows we support refugees. We just want to show humanity and care towards them.

?We feel the debate about migrants and refugees has become very muddled, very confused, when in fact this is a humanitarian crisis.?

Louise Stuart-Bennett, of St Andrew?s Road, Henley said: ?I?ve felt quite angry about our Government?s stance for months now and I?m just glad other people in Henley are taking action and showing solidarity.?

She feels Britain should be taking far more refugees than the 20,000 from Syria over five years that the Prime Minister announced last week.

?I feel we don?t have a God-given right for the security and prosperity that we enjoy,? she said.

Peter Luff, of Paradise Road, Henley, said: ?I came along today because I grew up in the post-war period, remembering the fact that six million Jews weren?t able to get away. We?re now seeing in the Middle East something almost as bad. We have to provide homes for people and their children who just have nowhere else to go.?

Eileen Pinkarchevski, of Harpsden Road, Henley, said: ?I think this country has always welcomed people in need but we seem to be turning our backs on them.?

Her husband Walter said his mother left East Germany and his father the Ukraine in the late Forties, adding: ?They were displaced during the war and didn?t want to go home to Communist countries so my mother walked across Europe to get here, aged 15.?

Dave McEwen, of Church Street, Henley, said: ?I think we ought to be doing a lot more. It?s a massive humanitarian crisis and the response so far has just been pathetic.

?I?d like to see Henley Town Council do something.?

He suggested that empty properties such as the Imperial Hotel in Station Road could be used to provide accommodation for refugees. Meanwhile, the campaign to provide aid in response to the crisis is continuing.

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