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Two new homes ‘overbearing’, say neighbours

NEIGHBOURS have protested at plans to replace a detached house in a Henley street with two,

NEIGHBOURS have protested at plans to replace a detached house in a Henley street with two, three-storey semi-detached homes.

Hinton Developments has applied for planning permission to demolish the house in St Mark’s Road which it says has little architectural merit.

But three neighbours objected at a meeting of Henley Town Council’s planning commitee.

Alex James, who lives next door, said: “This will certainly be over-development of the site. It will go from being a stand alone, three-bedroom house to two five-bedroom houses taking over the entire width of the current site.

“It will also be 1.5m higher than the current building and extend past our patio at the back. It will greatly affect the light in our kitchen, which is a single-storey extension.”

Geoff Probert said the development would be out of keeping with the character of the area.

He said: “The houses are large, detached houses which are sited centrally. This is over-development both in width and depth.”

Alan and Angela Hearn, who have have lived in the street since the Seventies, agreed that the development would be out of character with the area.

Mr Hearn said: “It is intrusive, overbearing and over-development and it is stretching too far into the garden.”

The application says each new house would have three bedrooms on the first floor and two on the second floor.

It says: “This proposal will result in a more efficient use of an established residential plot within the built-up area of Henley without having an adverse effect on the amenities of nearby residential properties.

“The existing building has little architectural merit or historic importance whereas the proposed dwellings would have a design and form that would be more in keeping with the built traditions of the town.”

The committee agreed unanimously to recommend that the application is refused.

Deputy Mayor Will Hamilton said: “The neighbours have a point in terms of light and the overdevelopment of the site.”

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said: “It’s overly intrusive, it’s too high, too wide and too deep.”

South Oxfordshire District Council’s planning committee will make a decision by August 23.

The committee agreed to recommend approval of plans for two new houses off Greys Road.

Richard Clark has applied to develop land to the east of his property with the help of his architect, Simon Mack, of Walton Avenue.

Each house would have four bedrooms and its own access.

In May town councillors had recommended refusal on the grounds of over-development, being out of character with the area and the small size of the gardens.

Now they have changed their minds after hearing how the footprint has been reduced by 10 per cent and the roof height has been reduced by 1.3m.

Mr Clark told the committee: “We hope you will agree we are worthy of support.

“We’re long-term Henley residents — we went to school here and now our own children go to Gillotts. We are trying to build a long-term future in the town.”

The committee also agreed to recommend approval of plans for three houses on land formerly owned by Thames Water.

Oakford Homes, of Hedsor, wants to develop a site in Waterworks Lane, off Deanfield Avenue, with a terrace of two three-bedroom houses and one two-bedroom house.

The developer has also applied for planning permission for 23 homes at the former Wilkins of Henley yard, also off Deanfield Avenue.

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