Monday, 23 July 2018

Neighbours object to ‘garden-grabbing’ plan

A DEVELOPER has been accused of “garden grabbing” with plans for a new house in Sonning

A DEVELOPER has been accused of “garden grabbing” with plans for a new house in Sonning Common.

More than a dozen neighbours have objected after Hazlewood Estates applied for permission to build a detached, four-bedroom house and garage in Woodlands Road.

The 0.03-hectare site is actually the garden of a house in Baskerville Road.

Michael Woolfrey, of Woodlands Road, said: “This is a garden grab along Woodlands Road and is not in keeping with the character of the road.

“The development looks cramped and approval would set a precedent when similar applications have been rejected in the past. It would replace a welcome stretch of green with a building and undoubtedly more cars parked on the road.”

Gabrielle Rice, also of Woodlands Road, said: “This would be most inappropriate as it would cause overcrowding of property in this part of Woodlands Road and congestion in the road itself.

“A large property on such a small plot is also out of keeping and character with the neighbouring properties. Accessing the property would also cause problems for the houses opposite and traffic on the crossroads.

“I have spoken with the person submitting the plan and it would seem this is a money-making venture that is not in the interests of the surrounding neighbours.”

David and Helen Gavin, whose home borders the site, said: “This property would adversely impact our privacy and enjoyment of our outdoor space, being only 1m from our boundary. It would also block out the morning sunlight into our garden.

“This is a garden-grabbing development. There is no precedent in Woodlands Road for back garden development and to allow it here would set a precedent for more degrading building of this sort.

“The plan puts a four-bedroom, detached house on a tiny plot.”

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