Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Resident complains about road puddling

Resident complains about road puddling

POOR road surfaces are causing minor flooding in two streets in Sonning Common.

Richard Ely, of Grove Road, says the problem always appears in Wood Lane and Woodlands Road after heavy rain and claims it could put pedestrians at risk.

He said: “There are problems by the Co-op, the bus stop and the doctors’ surgery in Wood Lane.

“People park in the area and when it has rained it’s difficult for buses to get through. If you are on foot you have to make sure you aren’t near the puddles.

“This is a safety issue as pedestrians and schoolchildren are being soaked by cars travelling along these roads and often swerving to avoid the large puddles. This may end in an accident.”

Mr Ely, who often walks and cycles in the centre of the village, said he raised the problem with Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, but nothing had been done.

“The standard reply is social care costs prevent them from sorting the drainage issues,” he said.

“This is a complete misrepresentation as we pay precept in our annual council tax bill. It’s not right and something should be done.

“Other people I have spoken to about this problem say they have given up but it’s a bugbear of mine and I don’t want to let it go. I am angry about it. A lot of people say they wish something could be done about it.”

Councillor David Bartholomew, the village’s representative on the county council, said he acknowledged there was some puddling, not flooding, and he had raised this with the area steward.

“It has been looked at to make sure there are no safety issues and has gone on to a list of minor repairs that will be dealt with,” he said.

“It will be repaired in due course but it is not a high priority item.”

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