Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mermaid statue finally set to appear

A MERMAID statue is finally set to appear in Henley.

A MERMAID statue is finally set to appear in Henley.

Henley Town Council has agreed a contract with Koh i Noor, a German company that is donating the 6ft 6in sculpture.

The 370lb statue, or ama, is being designed by French artist Amaryllis Bataille and is likely to be placed on Red Lion Lawn, subject to the agreement of councillors.

The statue will have an engraved plaque saying: “Ama of the Thames, Henley-on-Thames. Latitude 51.537699, Longitude. 0.901276.”

Ama is the name given to the Japanese and Korean women divers, the so-called “Ladies of the sea” who are famous for diving and collecting pearls.

The statue was first offered to the town in February last year but caused a split among councillors and residents.

Henley is one of 20 locations around the world chosen to have a statue as a “place of beauty near water”.

The contract says that the company will be responsible for all costs, including delivery and insurance. The piece could be sold at any time for a minimum price of 15,000 euros plus VAT and be replaced with a similar sculpture.

From the proceeds, at least 5,000 euros would be given to a charity chosen by the council and Koh i Noor with the rest going towards the cost of manufacturing a new figure.

Under the terms of the contract, either party can ask for it to be removed at any point after the first year and the company will restore the site of the sculpture to its former state.

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