Monday, 16 July 2018

‘Cheese grater’ bus stop moved from flats

A BUS shelter that was likened to a cheese grater will not be built outside a man’s living room window.

A BUS shelter that was likened to a cheese grater will not be built outside a man’s living room window.

Oxfordshire County Council planned to put the structure less than 6ft away from Matt Murton’s ground floor flat at Henley Gate in Reading Road, Henley.

But after the painter and decorator complained, the plans were changed and it will now be installed further south along Reading Road, close to the Tesco roundabout.

The shelter is part of a £25,000 programme of improvements to bus routes along Reading Road.

It was designed with a solid steel back covered in holes to protect the privacy of Henley Gate residents. Now that it is being resited, the council is considering alternative materials such as perspex.

Mr Murton, 50, only found out about plans for the shelter when he read about them in the Henley Standard in May.

The council had written to residents but people living at Henley Gate said they had not received the letter. The council agreed to extend the deadline for comments during which time Mr Murton and several neighbours lodged objections.

Mr Murton said: “I can’t see how anybody in their right mind could have considered putting that shelter so close to the property. I told them I have a right to light and I think they took that on board. I’m delighted that they have decided to move it.”

The council has also scrapped plans to move the stop at Upton Close 80m to the north after 89-year-old resident Lavinia Southern complained. The shelter may now be moved to between the entrances to the street.

Town councillor David Silvester said: “The stop was going to be right outside her driveway and she was worried it would impair her vision coming out in her car. She has young grandchildren so it was doubly important that there should not be a dangerous exit.”

The other changes have been approved. These include a new southbound stop at Quebec Road and a new northbound stop with a shelter at Noble Road. The southbound stop at Newtown Road will be moved further south so that it is opposite the entrance to Noble Road and will have a new shelter.

The northbound stop at the Esso Regatta service station will be moved further south, nearer the junction with Niagara Road, and have a new shelter. New shelters will also be added to the southbound stop at Gibbs & Dandy and the northbound stops at Wilson Avenue and St Andrew’s Road.

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