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Drivers accused of going 100mph on busy entrance road

RESIDENTS have demanded action is taken to stop speeding on Fair Mile in Henley.

RESIDENTS have demanded action is taken to stop speeding on Fair Mile in Henley.

The road has a 60mph speed limit but people living there claim car drivers and motorcyclists sometimes reach speeds of up to 100mph, especially at weekends.

Residents also want bollards installed on the central reservation to prevent overtaking, which they say could lead to a serious accident.

Simon Parsons highlighted their concerns at a meeting of Henley Town Council’s traffic advisory committee.

He said: “I’ve only recently moved to the Fair Mile and I’ve been shocked at the speed traffic travels along the road.

“As you leave Henley, the limit changes from 30mph to 60mph after quite a short distance. It is a straight and wide road, which encourages people to travel at high speeds, sometimes a lot faster than 60mph.

“Although the houses are set back off the road, it’s actually a well built-up area and an awful lot of people turn on and off the road. It’s dangerous to do this manoeuvre.

“I knocked on doors and can report feelings are running very high about the issue.

“People say the problem is getting worse and worse and they are frightened of trying to get in and out or across the road.

“The issue was raised in the past with the county council and nothing was done about it. The view is that nothing will be done until there is a fatal accident.”

Mr Parsons added: “On a sunny weekend it becomes a race track and a lot of motorcyclists or car enthusiasts treat it as a speed trial section. They will go at over 100mph, motorbikes doing wheelies. It’s all adding to the dangers and creating a noise problem.”

Sarah Steel, manager of the Old Station Nursery in Fair Mile, said: “We have been running the nursery since January and while it’s a lovely spot we have parents turning in and out of the narrow driveway where you have to slow down to 10mph.

“Sometimes when they are turning in or pulling out there will be people overtaking who don’t seem to respect the speed limit.

“We are just tenants so there’s nothing we can do but we have had a few people saying it’s bad or they’ve had a near-miss. It’s a concern for parents.

“I think we should have a lower speed limit or alternatively one of those speed signs that gives you a smiley face when you are going the right speed. That would draw attention to what the speed limit on the road is.”

Town and county councillor David Nimmo Smith said he had been contacted by several residents and decided to arrange a speed check on the road.

Cllr Nimmo Smith said: “Oxfordshire County Council will fund the traffic survey from my locality fund. The timing will be dictated by when the equipment is available but I anticipate that I will be able to report at the next committee meeting.

“The police have confirmed to me that the Fair Mile was a site for mobile camera enforcement until 2012 when it was decommissioned.In 2012, despite receiving 31 hours’ enforcement by the mobile van, no offences were detected. Let us see what the upcoming results show.”

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