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Residents upset at bungalow extension plan

ELDERLY residents in Sonning Common are objecting to plans to extend a neighbouring home.

ELDERLY residents in Sonning Common are objecting to plans to extend a neighbouring home.

Andrea Golder has applied for planning permission to build a conservatory, an additional 15sq m bedroom and a 7sq m study at the bungalow in Essex Way.

But her neighbours, some of whom are in their eighties and nineties, say their privacy would be invaded.

They are supported by Sonning Common Parish Council’s planning committee which has recommended the application is refused.

Kenneth Stanwix, who lives next door with his partner Jean Parris, attended a meeting of the committee to raise their  concern.

He said: “The changes proposed would be out of character with the area. We are not aware of any other extensions, there are just  conservatories.”

In a formal letter of objection sent to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, the couple said: “All the properties in Essex Way have two bedrooms and all are occupied by one or two persons with an average age of 70 to 80. In the past there have been minor additions to properties but all have been in keeping with the character of Essex Way.

“The plan submitted completely dominates our property in almost every aspect, particularly by excluding light and affecting our outlook.”

Fellow resident Albert Shephard wrote: “I object to the proposed plans on the basis of them being too over–elaborate and not being consistent with the general concept of a retirement complex and the likelihood of opening the door to other changes that would seriously affect the intended status of Essex Way.”

Neil Scott, of Kennylands Road, said he had lived in the area since 1974 and welcomed the development of properties for older people but felt Mrs Golder’s plans would have a detrimental effect.

He wrote: “Over the years, the need for such accommodation has, I feel, increased and I would deplore anything which reduced its availability, which would be the effect of enlarging in the manner proposed in this application.

“By virtue of its increased size and range of amenities, the value of this property would increase, taking it out of the category of accommodation which this development was intended to provide and for which there is an increasing need.”

Mrs Golder said she did not own the property but was one of the executors of the estate.

She said: “Having read the submissions in opposition to the plans, I can see that there has been a lot of untruths told about the extent of the proposed extension and likely effects of it, which has led to unfounded fears by some of the residents of Essex Way and beyond.”

The parish council agreed the extension would be over–development of the site, would be out of character with the area and would impact on the privacy and of neighbours and the value of their homes.

It said the houses in Essex Way were built for single or dual occupants over the age of 50.

The district council will make a decision by April 14.

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