Friday, 20 July 2018

Prospective District Councillor - George Levy

I AM married with three children and have lived in Benson for 20 years. My

I AM married with three children and have lived in Benson for 20 years. My job involves the development of mathematical software to determine the financial risks associated with future supply of energy.

I have designed and constructed several extensions to my house, incorporating energy saving measures such as a wood-burning stove, increased insulation, LEDs and photovoltaic panels. I support community initiatives involving energy such as extracting hydro power from the River Thames, PV panels on domestic and community buildings and more insulation.

I aim to work towards a fairer society, where all our children and young adults are valued and given the opportunity to develop their talents and reach their full potential.

I support local libraries, youth centres and sports centres and want more cycling routes. We need to ensure that our communities don’t become ghost villages and towns full of charity shops, hairdressers and banks. We also need to protect our woodlands, fields and wildlife and ensure that new housing development is appropriately sited.

I am also strongly in favour of using the money from the sale of council houses to create socially useful, revenue- generating assets.

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