Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Prospective District Councillor - Andy Davies

I AM married with two children, aged eight and 14.  I am a management consultant

I AM married with two children, aged eight and 14. I am a management consultant and run my own consultancy business.  I am a former chairman of Rotherfield United Football Club. 

I have lived in South Oxfordshire for almost 20 years, 10 of those in Sonning Common.  I am passionate about my local community and making it a safe and enjoyable place to live.

During my time as chairman of Rotherfield United became aware of many of the issues and challenges faced by all people in our area.

I believe that it is important to achieve a balance between providing the right services at an affordable cost as well as ensuring that any growth in the community is achieved in a sustainable manner with corresponding investments in infrastructure.

I wish to be elected so I can represent my community fully and ensure that the planning role of the district council is operated in the interest of local residents. 

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