Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Prospective District Councillor - Harry Butterworth

I HAVE been a member of Whitchurch Parish Council for 20 years.

I HAVE been a member of Whitchurch Parish Council for 20 years.

My main obsession is the way communities such as ours drift into becoming a collection of houses when the real joy of living in a vibrant village is that special feeling of being part of a community.

To that end, for example, I was one of the team which fought for two years to get what is now the Whitchurch village green. That is now the property of the Whitchurch community in perpetuity.

Without change anything stagnates and a village is no exception. Nevertheless, it is essential that the changes are those we as residents wish to happen. A periodic change of leadership is a part of maintaining a breadth of outlook.

I have been chairman of the parish council for five years and it is certainly time to hand that baton on. Planning is part of the mechanism for maintaining the villages as we want them to be. Of course, I have my own ideas but change must be based on a consensus of opinion.

Finally, I was for a time a governor of Bishopswood School. Although I am well aware that I could never cope with being a teacher there, I had great admiration for those who were able to do it so well and achieve so much.

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