Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Ex-Mayor takes time off due to illness

THE former Mayor of Henley has taken up to six months? leave from his council duties.

THE former Mayor of Henley has taken up to six months? leave from his council duties.

South Oxfordshire district and town councillor Martin Akehurst said a ?dormant? growth in his neck began ?playing up? while he was on holiday in South Africa with his wife Glynnis in May.

He went to see a consultant at the Circle Reading Hospital when they returned home.

The former actor, 66, who lives in Two Tree Hill, told the Henley Standard: ?I?ve got a growth in my neck and it?s started playing up again and I?ve seen a consultant who basically said ?take some gardening leave, put your feet up?.

?It just aches and gets lumpy. It?s a very, very rare growth. They don?t know a lot about it. It?s dormant but there are a few side effects that spring up.

?At the end of the year as mayor and during the canvassing for the election I got pretty tired and run down and we took some holiday and it kicked off then.?

In February last year, while he was deputy mayor, Councillor Akehurst spoke publicly for the first time about the cancer scare which kept him off work for months. At the time he had recently returned to civic duties after being diagnosed with the tumour on the artery in his neck.

In November 2013 he withdrew from council duties on the advice of his specialist, who warned that stress could make him worse.

Councillor Akehurst said he had discussed his latest health issues with both the leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, John Cotton, and town clerk Mike Kennedy, adding: ?I?ve said to them six months ? it will probably be three or four. Both are okay for me to take gardening leave.?

Councillor Akehurst represents Sonning Common on the district council and was only elected to the authority on May 7.

He added: ?Obviously I?m frustrated and sorry to those who have elected me but I think my health has to come first. The consultant?s view is that it?s not dangerous.?

Cllr Akehurst, who saw his consultant last week, will have a check-up in about three months time and urged others who have similar symptoms to contact a doctor.

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