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Neighbours at odds over lack of parking

NEIGHBOURS in a Sonning Common street are at odds over the lack of parking space.

NEIGHBOURS in a Sonning Common street are at odds over the lack of parking space.

Some say that more room should be created in Park Close by sacrificing pavement space or even front gardens while others say the street already looks like a car park.

The issue has been highlighted by 67-year-old Robert Brown, who wants to plant a tree in place of an apple tree that was felled 11 years ago because it was diseased.

The old tree overhung a wide pavement but now there is pressure to turn the walkway into parking spaces.

Mr Brown said: “Until 2004 there was an apple tree there that grew to more than five metres but it was felled because it got honey fungus.

“I have found a replacement tree that should survive there and not grow any bigger then five metres.

“I’m not keen on a parking space because there was a nice tree there before.

“There are a number of people who have two cars and have converted their garages so there isn’t space on their drives.

“I’m quite happy to get rid of the old stump at my own expense. It’s better to have a tree than Tarmac in front of my property.”

Neighbour Nicki Robinson, who moved into the street when some new houses were built in 1992, supports Mr Brown.

She said: “We should have a tree to replace what was there before.

“There are times when cars are parked on both sides of the road and it’s like living in a car park.

“I’m really fed up of it. People have moved into the close with up to three cars but with no garage to help with parking. I park my car in my garage so my visitors can park on the drive.”

But Matt Young, who also lives in the street, wants to see the space where the tree stood to be used for parking.

He said: “I cannot see any reason why it cannot be used as additional parking space.

“It would benefit all residents in the close. I will be happy to fill in the small hole at my own expense with appropriate asphalt.”

Samuel McKeown, 77, has lived in the street for more then 20 years and says that parking in the street is  “terrible”. Mr McKeown, who has lung cancer and has to visit hospital frequently, said: “Sometimes I come back from the hospital and have to park really far away.

“I do not want to have to be rushing back and forth from my car with my condition.

“In the evening the problem is really, really bad. There are no spaces at all. People have to go down side roads or the next road down and park in Churchill Crescent.

“The only real solution is converting the front gardens but not everyone can afford that.”

Julian Dean, 72, said: “People who live in this part of the road do not have drives or garages for parking.

“Everyone seems to have at least two cars and I don’t think one extra space would make all that much difference.

“The only way for extra parking would be for people to knock out their front gardens to create more space.

“Not many people have converted their front gardens round here but I see it as the only solution.”

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