Monday, 16 July 2018

Council agrees to fund new 20mph speed limit

SHIPLAKE is to have a blanket 20mph speed limit implemented on all its residential roads.

SHIPLAKE is to have a blanket 20mph speed limit implemented on all its residential roads.

The parish council has agreed to put aside up to £3,500 to introduce the new restriction in roads off the A4155 in Shiplake and Shiplake Cross.

Members decided seven to one in favour of funding the project at a meeting on Monday. Only Councillor Malcolm Leonard voted against.

They also agreed to look into other traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps.

The decision to lower the limit from 30mph was taken at a meeting in April on the casting vote of council chairman Tudor Taylor.

Councillor Fred Maroudas said he had been convinced of the need for a 20mph limit having previously been "ambivalent".

He said: "We’re are blessed to live in Shiplake. It’s a wonderful place with two pubs, shops, a station and bus stops that link to Henley and Reading. We want to encourage people to use those by using their feet.

"On a summer morning people can see cars coming when walking on the roads but that is not the case in winter. The roads are narrow and they’re very dark. We do not have pavements.

"We don’t want to live in a village where people can’t walk. I know I don’t. There have been two accidents with speeds contributing. That is two too many."

A consultation on the proposal took place in March and a total of 48 responses were received by Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority.

All but 10 were against the scheme and only six were in favour with four with no strong view either way.

More than 20 people attended Monday’s meeting and some spoke during the public participation part.

David Skilliter, of Oaks Road, said: "I think this will be of benefit to the village. Coming out of my road is an accident waiting to happen. I have two grandchildren and everytime we go to the shops I have to be careful getting them across the road."

Kay Parton, of Mill Road, said: "I do a lot of walking around the village with my dog. There are not many pavements and cars go at the most ridiculous speeds.

"They’re driving far too fast and any reduction can only be a benefit to the village."

But Dennis Gilbert, of Baskerville Lane, said: "I have lived here for 49 years and 14 days and no children have been run over. They’re grown up now. The 20mph limit is unnecessary, unenforceable and a waste of money."

Police have raised no objection to the scheme but say they would prefer a more targeted approach on some roads to include traffic-calming measures to ensure compliance.

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