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Bins aren’t emptied because lorry can’t get past parked cars

RESIDENTS of a Henley street have blamed town centre workers for stopping their bin collections.

RESIDENTS of a Henley street have blamed town centre workers for stopping their bin collections.

Overflowing recycling bins have lined a stretch of Mount View because they were not emptied for four weeks.

Residents claim this is because the bin lorry cannot reach them due to cars parked on both sides of the road by people who work in shops in the town.

They fear the result could be a problem with rats.

The green bins should be collected every two weeks by Biffa under its contract with South Oxfordshire District Council.

Among the affected residents are retired couple David and Carol Russell, who have lived in Mount View for more than 50 years.

They live on the section of Mount View that backs on to the Townlands Hospital site and is furthest away from the entrance to the road.

Mrs Russell, 71, said: “Cars are parked on both sides of the road and on the corner so the refuse lorry cannot get round to half of Mount View.

“The pavement is taken up with green bins as residents leave them there in the hope they will get emptied one day.

“I would say 90 per cent of the cars belong to workers in the town — you can tell by their uniforms, i.e. Waitrose, Sainsbury’s etc.

“It’s not just the rubbish collection. We also have a lot of elderly people living here.

“They have care workers and district nurses who can’t find somewhere to park. I have seen ambulances struggling to get to where they need to be.”

Mr Russell, 77, said: “You never know when someone could walk down the road, kick the bags open and make a mess. We don’t want it to attract rats.

“All this gives me a headache and I do not want that at my age.”

He said that putting yellow lines in the street would solve the problem.

Currently, Mount View has single yellow lines running from the entrance to the road from King’s Road up to the entrance to the second part of the street.

Mrs Russell said: “Two community support officers came up here and put tickets on some of the cars asking them not to park there on a Wednesday when the bins were collected but that does not solve the problem for the other days.”

Mr Russell added: “It’s still a problem because the ambulance and fire services could not get their vehicles down here.

“Plus you can’t expect people that do not live in Henley but work there to know what days the bins are collected.”

Mr Russell said he had to take some of their recycling to the Oakley Wood household waste recycling centre.

A district council spokesman said: “In recent weeks cars parked illegally or inconsiderately along Mount View have caused an obstruction, preventing our waste collection trucks from entering the area.

“Our crews have tried repeatedly to access the street, even on Sundays, without success.

“On a recent visit to assess the situation a member of our waste team even found herself blocked in for 45 minutes.

“Biffa’s crews have left notices on vehicles to explain the problem.

“We are in discussions with the police around the issue of illegal parking and are also talking to the county council to determine whether existing restrictions are adequate.

“We visited the site on Wednesday morning and can confirm that the recycling has now been cleared.”

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