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“Don’t spoil our village with more big houses”

A DEVELOPER has been accused of being disingenuous after submitting plans for a third house on land in

A DEVELOPER has been accused of being disingenuous after submitting plans for a third house on land in Peppard where it already has permission for two.

D&N Construction, of Salisbury, was granted consent for a pair of four-bedroom houses off Peppard Hill, where Broadlands House used to stand, in April.

Now the company has applied for consent for a third three-bedroom house and access to Stoke Row Road.

Fred and Sue Nickson, of Stoke Row Road, have written to South Oxfordshire District Council to object.

They say: “Having agreed to the pre-application advice to apply for no more than two properties on this site, it is disingenuous, not to say downright dishonest, for the developer to put in another application at this late stage. Peppard is a small, semi-rural village and the number of houses for which planning permission has already been granted on this and the adjoining site of Vine Lodge is already a significant increase at a dangerous position traffic-wise.”

The neighbouring land is being developed by Property Specialists UK, of London, which has permission for two five-bedroom properties.

The Nicksons, who are one of four objectors so far, claimed that three houses would be over-development of the land.

They said: “These will be houses with expensive price tags and prospective owners would expect good sized gardens and privacy from  neighbours. This part of Stoke Row Road is characterised by older houses with long gardens and adding another house to the Broadlands site would decrease the size of each garden and so be even more out of keeping with the existing properties than the two houses already agreed to.

“Vehicular access on to Stoke Row Road would be dangerous since the view would be blind to the right. Although there is a 30mph limit on the road, a recent traffic survey demonstrated that it is frequently abused.

“Access from Broadlands House always suffered from this problem so it would just be perpetuated now there is a lot more traffic than at the time Broadlands House was built over 40 years ago. This is a lovely village — do not let it be spoilt any more than it already has been recently by even more over-development.”

In its new application, D&N Construction compared its site with the land opposite, previously belonging to Mulberry House, where three homes have been built, saying they are more cramped.

The company said: “Taking [our] site as a whole, we consider that there is sufficient space around the site and the proposed dwellings that the site would not appear cramped.”

The company’s agent UKPALS said: “The proposals we have submitted are the result of a careful and iterative design process, taking account of the styles of other homes in the locality, the amenity of existing neighbours and those of the homes currently under construction and the sensitive nature of the site.”

Peppard Parish Council has recommended the application is refused on the grounds of the development not being in keeping with the area and overlooking neighbours.

The district council should make a final decision by January 11.

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