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Lorries damaging car park

LORRIES being used for the overhaul of a golf course have damaged a car park which they shouldn’t

LORRIES being used for the overhaul of a golf course have damaged a car park which they shouldn’t even be using.

Greys Green Golf Course is currently 12 months into a four-year scheme to improve the course off Dog Lane, Peppard.

The work involves moving 100,000 tonnes of soil and other material and about 5,000 lorry movements.

A member of the public took photographs of lorries belonging to David Einig, the contractor who is moving the soil, parked at the Gallowstree crossroads car park, which is used by members of the public catching the bus into Reading.

Peppard Parish Council has accused the lorry drivers of flouting the traffic management plan for the work at the golf course.

Council chairman Tony Cotton said: “The trucks parking at the crossroads not only stop other people parking there but they also do damage to it. These are 20-tonne trucks.”

Councillor Valerie Ross said she had seen five lorries parked at the crossroads at one point.

But Lee Rawlings, a director at L&N Golf Management, which runs the course, said the traffic management plan had been changed with the approval of the highways authority so the lorries could arrive at the site first thing in the morning.

Mr Rawlings, who used to be a member of the council, said: “Originally the lorries could not come between 7.30am and 9.30am but now they can go there from 6.30am to 7.30am. The reason we asked to change the management plan was because at times we need an early delivery.

“It gives us the opportunity to get people in early and out at 9.30am. It works incredibly well.”

Mr Rawlings said that if the drivers arrived outside the permitted hours they had designated waiting areas to wait until they could go to the course. He admitted that the Gallowstree crossroads was not one of these areas and said he would take action if it happened again and he was alerted.

David Einig, the contractor, said: “Maybe we can organise a meeting and I will take six or seven drivers round with you and find spots that are suitable to park the lorries. I do not want problems, I want to resolve it.”

Councillor Ross said she thought it was unnecessary to have two or three lorries arriving at once.

Mr Einig replied: “I do try to keep them separate. The drivers love to be in convoy but we always try to spread the delivery times.”

Councillors criticised the condition of the Gallowstree crossroads car park after the lorries had parked there. Mr Einig responded: “If you send the information I will come and relay it.”

Councillor Simon Crouch said he would welcome a chance to go around the golf course to see how work was progressing.

Mr Rawlings replied: “We’re 12 months into the project. I would invite everyone to have a view so they see the second phase of the work. We’re trying to create something that looks more natural. We have had comments from walkers about the benefit it has had.”

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