Monday, 16 July 2018

Residents back petition for measures to stop speeding

SUPPORT is growing for traffic- calming measures at Northfield End in Henley.

SUPPORT is growing for traffic- calming measures at Northfield End in Henley.

Town councillor Dylan Thomas is petitioning Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, to take steps to make drivers slow down.

He has had two cars written off in eight months after they were hit while parked outside his house in the street overnight.

In three weeks more than 80 people have signed his petition and 75 have registered their support online at

Jonathan Ramsey, who also lives in Northfield End, wrote: “It is difficult to cross the road as a pedestrian due to the speed of the traffic and difficult to park close to home.

“The introduction of traffic-calming and resident permits would greatly assist in making Northfield End safer and give residents a chance to park near their homes.”

Phil Stubbington, of Adwell Square, Henley, said: “As a car driver and cyclist, I’ve noticed some incredibly dangerous driving (including motorbikes) along this stretch of road. Something needs to be done about it.”

Ronald White, of Milton Close. Henley, said: “With increasing traffic volume, infrastructure which prioritises traffic movement rather than pedestrians and infrastructure which is unsafe (e.g. narrow pavements on Gravel Hill), residents and visitors are exposed to unsatisfactory levels of risk.”

Anne Menzies, of Badgemore Lane, Henley, said: “I consider the A4130 to be a dangerous road because of the speed at which vehicles and motorcycles travel both into and out of the town.

“Sight lines when accessing from a side road or a private drive are often obstructed by cars illegally parked on double yellow lines. Sleep is disturbed by the noise of speeding vehicles, particularly HGVs, in the early hours of the morning. Traffic calming measures need to be implemented before more serious accidents occur and someone ends up being killed.”

Sue Adams, from Lower Shiplake, said: “I am signing because there ought to be a speed limit imposed on the A4130/Fair Mile where the turning to Station Nursery is.

“I have seem multiple accidents and young lads in vehicles tearing up the road have narrowly missed me pulling out of the nursery.

“A traffic-calming scheme should be enforced, just as outside a school.”

Karen Tross Youle, of St Andrew’s Road, Henley, said: “I have seen a few near-misses where cars are pulling out from the Assendon turn-off on to the A4130.

“Vehicles coming from the Nettlebed direction are sometimes travelling far too fast along the dual carriageway on to Fair Mile.

“Coming downhill from Bix and generally overtaking, they build up speed and are often way over the limit. Traffic-calming measures would be very beneficial here.”

Councillor Thomas said: “I will be doing some door-to-door knocking and hope to get about 150 signatures and then I will be in a position to present it to the county council.

“Then I will call for it at the Henley Town Council transport strategy group. I see this as my mission for as long as I am on the council.”

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, a councillor has asked for police speed checks in Fair Mile and Gravel Hill.

Will Hamilton said a similar operation on Marlow Road had proved successful, adding: “People were beginning to realise that you don’t put your foot down. If people are speeding they should get ticketed.”

Insp Mark Harling, head of Henley police, said he would see what could be done.

He added that there were portable cameras available that could be used by trained volunteers to “embarrass” drivers into slowing down.

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