Monday, 16 July 2018

‘Idiot’ drivers ignore 30mph limit

A MAN has called for action to stop drivers speeding in his road.

A MAN has called for action to stop drivers speeding in his road.

Ray Freeman, who lives in Gallowstree Road, Peppard, said too many drivers ignored the 30mph limit on the stretch between the Stoke Row Road crossroads and the Greyhound pub about 100 yards away.

Speaking at a meeting of Peppard Parish Council, he said: “It’s not all motorists but the speed some vehicles are going is reaching 50mph.

“They come across the crossroads and go hell for leather, especially later in the evening. It is excessive.

“Gallowstree Road has only one small 30mph sign halfway down but some people are idiots and I want to know what the parish council can do about it. I’ve lived in this area nearly 50 years and it’s terrible.” Mr Freeman said he was also concerned about drivers not being able to see the road signs because they were dirty, adding: “They need cleaning sooner rather than later.”

Councillor Valerie Ross said drivers coming from the Kidmore End direction also broke the speed limit.

“It is derestricted and a clear road,” she said. “Not until you come into our parish is there a 30mph sign.”

Councillor Tony Rancombe suggested the council commissioned a speed survey on Gallowstree Road.

He said: “We had a situation with other roads, such as Blounts Court Road, and we got a feel for what was going on.”

Councillor Fiona Berry said police would not put a speed trap on the road unless there had been an accident and she didn’t know what the parish council could do with the survey data anyway.

Cllr Ross said more police speed check vans had been used on the B481 in recent years.

But Cllr Berry said this was because of a previous accident, adding: “A survey on its own has no impact.”

The council agreed that Mr Freeman and Councillor Veronica Treacher would identify possible locations for a speed camera so a survey could take place.

This is not the first time that speeding has been raised as a problem in Peppard. Two weeks ago a man was left with serious injuries after a head-on collision with another car on the B481 just outside the former Dog Inn.

The council commissioned a survey on this stretch of road after residents complained about speeding in May.

This showed 43 per cent of drivers went over the 30mph speed limit and 10 per cent of drivers went over 40mph.

The survey on Blounts Court Road was carried out in September last year and showed 18 per cent of drivers broke the 30mph limit.

The parish asked for “Slow” markings on the road to be repainted but the cost was deemed too high.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, said the work would cost £709.69.

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