Friday, 21 September 2018

The penalty points capital of England

WATLINGTON is the penalty points capital of England. Figures released by the DVLA show that one in seven drivers in the area has points on their licence — twice the national average.

As of March, 493 of the 3,603 motorists in the OX49 postcode, which includes Watlington, had penalty points, a proportion of 13.68 per compared with the UK average of 6.47 per cent.

Some residents have blamed police speed checks. Steve Drake, of car repair firm Merlin Motors in Shirburn Street, said officers regularly set up checks on the B4009 in nearby Shirburn.He said: “They stand behind a wall and point the camera round the corner. That’s where they are really sneaky.”

But Peter Richardson, of traffic pressure group WATNEXT, said: “If people break the speed limit going into Watlington, they have got only themselves to blame.

“We don’t think the police are covert at all. What we want is more evidence of them being seen because it is a deterrent. We have been continuously chasing for a different kind of police enforcement, which is actually an enforcement of the weight limit.” Mr Richardson said that HGVs caused air pollution and congestion and were physically intimidating.

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