Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Art work stolen from Henley gallery

THIEVES have stolen two pieces of art from a gallery in Henley.

A painting worth £600 and framed print worth £125 by Camilla Dowse were stolen from Gallery Singular on Friday.

The gallery, which claims to be the smallest in the world, is in Friday Street between the Knights Oriental Rugs and skate shop Yeuk.

It is accessed by a passage leading to flats and a yoga studio, which is kept locked at night but unlocked during the day.

Ms Dowse, of York Road, Henley, says she believes the artworks were stolen in the evening before the door was locked.

She said: “I’ve talked to people in the neighbouring shops and flats and nobody heard or saw a thing.

“There is a gap over the top of the gallery and they must have climbed up the walls and hooked the paintings out from over the top.

“It is very frustrating and annoying. I don’t put my more expensive work in there because it is unmanned but that is not the point.”

The gallery measures just 3ft wide, 3ft deep and 7ft high.

It also featured sculptures by owner Trisha Crocker, from Highmoor Cross, who has now had all the art removed.

She said: “It is not a very nice thing to happen. We feel uncomfortable having anything there until we can make it safer. I feel very sad for Camilla and it made me very nervous that my sculptures could have been taken.”

The stolen works were an acrylic and ink painting on a gesso board called Chandelier Against Grey.

The other was a framed lino print on paper with imitation silver leaf called Temple Island.

Ms Dowse said: “My first thought was that Trisha was changing the exhibition around. I phoned her up and of course she wasn’t. I honestly didn’t think something like this would happen in Henley.”

She hopes something will come from CCTV cameras at the nearby crossroads Reading Road. Police are investigating the theft.

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