Monday, 23 July 2018

‘Monster’ dog nearly killed our Westie

A COUPLE have told how their dog was almost killed while they were out walking her.

A COUPLE have told how their dog was almost killed while they were out walking her.

Alex and Linda Milne, of Blandy Road, Henley, were in Gillotts Field when their white West Highland terrier Bonnie was set upon by another dog.

Their 11-year-old pet was bitten on the neck, muzzle and backside in what the couple say was a “completely unprovoked” attack by a boxer-type dog.

Mrs Milne said the two-minute attack was “traumatising”.

“I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack,” she said. “The day before I was up there with my granddaughter and if I had been up there with her or on my own, Bonnie would be dead.”

The attack, which happened on New Year’s Eve, is being investigated by the police.

Mrs Milne said: “We were walking down one side of Gillotts Field and saw two dogs bound across from the other side, which is easily 50 metres away.

“One of the dogs, which was brown and a boxer-type, then started attacking Bonnie. It came out of the blue and was completely unprovoked.”

Her husband tried to shield Bonnie from the dog.

Mr Milne, a joiner, said: “I tried kicking it away but it didn’t work as it was a monster dog.

“I then put my hands underneath Bonnie, jumped up and put her on my shoulder so she couldn’t be reached and the dog jumped up at me to try to get to her.

“There is no doubt whatsoever that Bonnie would have been torn to pieces if I hadn’t managed to get between her and the dog — my jacket was covered in her blood.”

He added: “People need to know that this psychotic dog is running about — it was totally out of control.”

The dog’s owner, a woman, did eventually calm the dog down.

Mr Milne said: When the woman came over she kept saying, ‘ Why are you attacking my dog’. But when she realised what her dog had done, she apologised.”

Bonnie was taken to the Henley Veterinary Centre in Reading Road, where she given anti-inflammatory and antibiotics injections at a cost of £166.

The Milnes, who moved to Henley from Scotland in September to be nearer their family, reported the attack to the police.

Mrs Milne said: “We don’t want the dog put down we just don’t want it running loose.”

Meanwhile, a dog was stolen from Henley Market Place on Wednesday while its owner was in a bank.

Sam Thirlby-Smith, of Greys Road, had tied Ruby, a three-year-old border collie, by her lead to a seat outside the bank while she went inside.

She returned after five minutes to find the dog had gone.

Miss Thirlby-Smith, a sales assistant at Precious Love jewellers in Duke Street, said she was distraught.

She said: “I got Ruby from the Diana Brimblecombe rescue centre in Hurst when she was one and she is quite timid.

“Ruby means the world to me — she is my life and I take her everywhere with me.”

She appealed for people to look out for Rugby, who is black and white and has a distinctive black patch over her left eye. Her collar and lead are red. She has been micro-chipped.

If you have any information, call the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number of 101 or Miss Thirlby-Smith on 07770 353309.

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