Monday, 16 July 2018

Motorcycle accident on hill dubbed ‘gauntlet of death’

A MOTORCYCLIST had a lucky escape when his machine was trapped under the wheel of a minibus after a collision

A MOTORCYCLIST had a lucky escape when his machine was trapped under the wheel of a minibus after a collision in Henley.

The blue Honda leaked petrol after the accident with a Transport Unlimited transit minibus, which happened in Gravel Hill at about 8.40am last Friday.

An ambulance was called and the 54-year-old male motorcyclist, who had complained of shoulder pain, was treated at the scene. The minibus driver was not injured.

Police diverted traffic coming down the hill through Hop Gardens while traffic coming up the hill was signalled to slow down past the crash.

This accident comes in the week that father-of-three Andrew Bridekirk launched a campaign to get a crossing installed on Gravel Hill, which he calls the “gauntlet of death”.

He had a near-miss with a driver when he walked daughter Elisia, six, to Badgemore Primary School last week. Mr Bridekirk says the latest accident is another example of why a crossing is needed somewhere on the hill.

He said: “I was not surprised at all to see an accident there. My biggest issue is speed and I was thinking of doing a survey to check the number of cars on the hill and the speed they are going.”

Laila Meachin, who chairs the town council’s traffic advisory committee, said: “I was made aware of the accident involving a motorcyclist on Gravel Hill last Friday morning. This is now the second incident on that stretch of road in two weeks.

“We will raise this as a matter of priority at the next committee meeting in April. However, if residents and Badgemore School want something done soon, then they can recruit a lollipop person who will be paid by Oxfordshire County Council.”

The county council, which has responsibility for roads, says near-misses involving pedestrians and vehicles are not recorded in pedestrian accident statistics used to help determine whether road safety measures should be installed at particular locations.

A spokesman said: “The criteria used to assess if a road safety scheme aimed at pedestrians could be possible also does not include the number of accidents where pedestrians have not played a part, such as vehicle-on-vehicle incidents.

“The council receives many applications for road safety schemes aimed at pedestrians, however when deciding how to use its limited financial resources, officers must take into account pedestrian accident history.

“It is still the case that there have been no accidents recorded involving a pedestrian in the past five years in the vicinity of where campaigners would like a crossing on Gravel Hill.

“Therefore there are not currently any plans to install a crossing at the site.”

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