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Police hunt pair who stole tips jar worth £4

A COUPLE who stole the tips jar from a Henley coffee shop are being hunted by police.

A COUPLE who stole the tips jar from a Henley coffee shop are being hunted by police.

Officers have released CCTV images of the pair in the hope Standard readers can help identify them.

The man and woman, who appeared to be of eastern European origin, stole the jar containing only about £4 from Starbucks in Market Place on March 21.

The man is described as aged 30 to 35, about 5ft 9in and stocky with short black hair. He was wearing a white long-sleeved top under a grey and black hooped polo shirt, black sleeveless jacket, grey trousers and white trainers.

The woman was about 30, 5ft 6in, overweight with black hair that was tied back. She was wearing a long, cream knitted coat with a grey fur-lined hood and a long black dress with a white flower pattern and carrying a black handbag with a studded pattern.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said: “As with any incident of theft in our stores, we are fully co-operating with the police on this matter.” In other images, a man is seen stealing a purse from a woman in Waitrose in Bell Street, Henley, on March 7.

He hung around the vegetables and newspapers section, holding produce and pretending to be on the phone.

He then took the purse from the bottom of a bag in the woman’s trolley while her back was turned. He walked off casually and left the store within a minute without going through the tills.

The man was slim, of medium height and wearing a light coat and cap.

Another image shows a man who stole £100 from a woman’s bank account using the cash machine at Tesco in Henley on March 4. The victim, aged 69, had accidentally left her debit card in the machine after checking her balance and then walked off.

The man withdrew the money using the card and then fled.

If you can identify any of the people in these images or have information about these offences call Henley police on 101, the non-emergency number.

was losing blood. The blood was very red so I had a clue that it was serious and Gavin was looking very peaky to say the least.”

Staff from Magoos bar opposite brought out a first aid kit and Sgt Pink used a tea towel and a bandage to stem the bleeding until the ambulance arrived.

He said: “Gavin was lucky that fate was in his favour that night and that I was there when it happened. If I had not have found him when I did it might have been very different. If he had kept running and gone into the graveyard to hide, he would have been dead. He is very lucky that he stopped.”

He described Mr Coffey as “very intoxicated”. Sgt Pink said: “If ever there was an advert for not getting drunk that was it. I would have loved to record it and play it to people.” Mr Coffey was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading where accident and emergency staff told him that if Sgt Pink hadn’t intervened, he would have bled to death within 30 minutes.

He said: “It does sink in when you find yourself in a hospital — that’s never good.”

Mr Coffey admitted he could not remember much of the night.

“I had been out with a couple of friends for a fairly jovial evening but someone just could not handle their liquor,” he said.

“The gravity of the situation settled in once I was with people like Graham who are trained in those sorts of areas, as I could see the worry on his face.

“The next couple of days were a bit sombre — I was not very impressed with myself. I am an adult now so there was not much that my parents needed to say. I gave myself a telling off and that was it. I have offered to pay for the damages and apologised to the Catherine Wheel.”

Mr Coffey was given a fixed penalty notice of £80 for disorder the next day when Sgt Pink called at his house in Vale View Road.

The officer said: “I went round to see him and that he was okay but thought it was important for him to understand what had happened.

“I do not want to see anyone do that and end up, in the worst case scenario, dead. If he does not learn his lesson from that then I do not think a court hearing would have made it sink in.”

Inspector Mark Harling, head of Henley police, said: “Graham did exactly what I would expect of him. He did incredibly well.”

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