Monday, 23 July 2018

Musician upset by oboe theft

A MUSICIAN has had two instruments worth £10,000 stolen from her home.

A MUSICIAN has had two instruments worth £10,000 stolen from her home.

Jane Gray is urging anyone with information about her missing oboe and cor anglais to come forward.

The instruments, both gifts from her late father, are thought to have been taken from her house in Northfield End, Henley, between Wednesday, May 26 and Wednesday this week.

Mrs Gray, a part-time music teacher, said: “The last time I used them was when someone came to my house for a lesson.

“When I went to get the instruments on Wednesday morning to take them to Valley Road School, where I teach, they were gone. I am absolutely devastated. There are no signs of anyone entering the house, so it is obviously someone who has either had their eye on them or has decided to walk in and take them.

“It is a bit of a mystery as nothing else has gone. The police have taken all the details but the only possibility we can think of is that someone has wandered in through the back door.

“I don’t know whether the person knew what they were looking for because they were kept in a closed case in the front room. The window does face the street so maybe someone has seen me play or heard me.”

Mrs Gray, who is involved in the arts section of Henley Youth Festival, said the instruments were worth more to her for their sentimental value than their actual worth.

“They meant so much to me, especially as my dad, who passed away in January, bought them for me as he supported me through music school,” she said.

“It is not just the monetary value that hurts, it is the fact that they are gone.”

Both instruments are engraved with serial numbers.

Mrs Gray said: “A specialist shop would know that they are mine immediately from the records. The cor anglais is dated 1979 and the oboe 2004.

“I desperately want them back and I just want to alert people, especially if someone has picked one of them up thinking it is something else.

“I have a concert on Sunday as part of the Langtree Symphonia group. I don’t know what I will do — it is not very easy to play someone else’s instrument.”

Anyone with information should call (01491) 579779.

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