Sunday, 22 July 2018

Where’s our bench?

A BENCH covered in knitting was stolen from Wargrave High Street on Tuesday.

A BENCH covered in knitting was stolen from Wargrave High Street on Tuesday.

The large bench, which is owned by the parish council, is thought to have been installed in the early Nineties.

It sat outside the Woodclyffe Hall and was well used by both people using the hall and waiting for a bus.

The bench had recently been decorated as part of a Knit the Village project organised by Sue Emms.

She said: “It was on Tuesday morning that it was noticed so it must have been removed the night before.

“The bench is well used by the community- it is used as a place to sit while you are waiting for the bus, or somewhere to stop to have a rest.

“We attached the knitting about a week ago as well at a number of other areas in the village.

“This is a very strange thing to happen, especially as it is such a large bench. It is a great shame for the community. Whether there is a connection to the fact that there is knitting on it I do not know.

“I would just like to see it come back - that bench is very important.” Richard Bush, chairman of Wargrave Parish Council, said: “Someone has stolen it in the middle of the night, we think. It was not secured but it is big and heavy.We have notified the police.”

Carol Watt, who works at estate agents Hunt and Nash, opposite Woodclyffe Hall, said: “Last week we watched the ladies from the local knitting group decorate the bench as well as the rest of the village.

“We all thought it was lovely and people were remarking on it. It makes everyone smile. Then I came in on Tuesday and noticed that the bench was not there.

“It is used regularly by people who get the bus, or having lunch, and by those visiting the Woodclyffe Hall. It will really be missed, particularly by the elderly.

“You would have thought that if it was a prank somebody would have left a note. Either way I hope the bench is replaced.”

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