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Woman plagued her village with emails & calls

A WOMAN has been given five restraining orders for harassing fellow villagers in Harpsden.

A WOMAN has been given five restraining orders for harassing fellow villagers in Harpsden.

Ffion Moyle, 56, sent repeated emails accusing the recipients of being mentally ill, a threat to the community, lying under oath and making illegal payments to the police.

She was found guilty of five counts of harassment amounting to stalking when she appeared at Oxford Magistrates? Court on Tuesday.

The court heard that the police had warned Moyle to stop sending unwanted emails to members of the community last September after her correspondence became increasingly threatening and abusive.

She began emailing again a month later and although the content was not particularly offensive, the police spoke to her again in December.

John Chappell, prosecuting, said Moyle began emailing again in January this year with ?great enthusiasm?.

Many of the emails were copied in to a large number of people, some of them known to the victims.

Kester George, chairman of Harpsden Parish Council, received 18 emails in 13 days.

Moyle, who was accompanied at court by her husband Richard, accused Mr George of attempting to pervert the course of justice by lying under oath. She claimed he was ?a threat to the community and its rational, ethical, proper and other otherwise administration? and said she would make representations to Home Secretary Theresa May and the Attorney General about his and other people?s mental health.

An email sent to Mr George and copied to others read: ?You are clearly all seriously unwell people and you are totally, unnecessarily affecting, in a seriously detrimental way, the lives of good, honest folk such as Richard, myself and our children.?

Mr George returned home one evening to a voicemail from Moyle, which said: ?This is to inform you that due to your dreadful email to me, which was highly illegal, I?m warning you that you must not ever hurt me or my children ever again.?

Mr George said: ?I feel increasingly frustrated that these unsolicited messages from Ffion Moyle continue to disrupt and unnecessarily upset my daily life.?

Roderic Birkett received five emails over five days and his wife received a telephone call in which Moyle said she was sorry to hear she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Mr Birkett tried to get Moyle?s number blocked to prevent more calls.

Joanna Cary began receiving abusive emails after she asked to be removed from the mailing list of Harpsden parish news.

Moyle replied to her request and accused her of letting the village down by failing to adequately organise the tea party to celebrate the royal wedding in 2011.

Mrs Cary received 17 further emails between November and March, including one which had an attachment addressed to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt which requested that Insp Mark Harling, head of Henley police, and other police officers underwent mental health assessments.

Mrs Cary said: ?I cannot explain or find reason for this unwanted and unsolicited contact from Mrs Moyle. All I want is for it to stop and for her not to make contact with me ever again ? I simply want her out of my life.?

Malcolm Brown received 28 emails from Moyle between January 23 and March 16, including one addressed to Insp Harling in which Moyle accused him, Mr George, Mrs Cary, Mr Birkett and Mr Brown of being ?among the craziest of people I have ever met?.

Julian Burtt received six emails and a phone call over six days.

He said: ?Although not all these messages are directed at me or my wife, those that do mention us are derogatory and imply that we are mentally unsound, acting illegally in some way or perjuring ourselves.

?To have these unfounded and untrue remarks bounded around our community and further afield causes me a lot of anxiety. Being copied in on any of the messages I feel is harassing and causes me a lot of upset.?

Moyle, a freelance translator who represented herself in court, said she had been left ?psychologically reduced? because she feared her victims and wrote the emails in an attempt to stop their behaviour towards her.

?I can hardly remember writing them, I was in such a state of fear and so distressed,? she said. ?It was an emergency valve. I think it was almost like a controlled nervous breakdown.?

Moyle said Mr George had insulted her in an email stating that he would not correspond with her until her husband had confirmed she was taking her medication.

District judge Tim Pattinson said evidence of her guilt was ?overwhelming? and her behaviour had been ?shameful and appallingly hurtful?.

?These emails are nothing but abuse and this is all the more significant when it was conceded by Mrs Moyle that none of these five people had contacted her at the relevant time after the warning from the police,? he said.

?She is an intelligent and articulate woman who must have spent a great deal of time preparing these emails, which are carefully worded and thought out. She knew what she was doing. She clearly knew that these emails amounted to harassment.?

The restraining orders ban her from contacting the five people for five years. She was also fined £600 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20 and £650 in costs.

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