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Man threatened to kill his mother with knives

A MAN threatened his mother with two knives and asked her: “Which one do you want to be killed with?”

A MAN threatened his mother with two knives and asked her: “Which one do you want to be killed with?”

Simon Hastings, 29, made the threat after assaulting Barbara Hastings, leaving her with a bruised arm.

The incident took place at the home he shared with his mother in Mount View, Henley, on November 17, Oxford Magistrates’ Court heard.

Hastings pleaded guilty to one charge of assault by beating when he appeared in the dock on Thursday last week.

Matthew Knight, prosecuting, said the pair argued after some confusion over a doctor’s appointment that Hastings asked his mother to book for his three-year-old son.

Hastings was “in her face, screaming at her” before she grabbed his beard and pulled at it.

He grabbed his mother by the chin so she bit him between his thumb and index finger “quite hard” in an attempt to get him to let go.

When he did so, Mrs Hastings went into another room but he followed her and started to kick the front door. She tried to get past him to the front door but he knocked her with his shoulder, causing bruising to her upper left arm.

Mr Knight said: “She tried to get to the door again but he pushed her again, locked the front door and shouted, ‘I’m going to burn the house down, I’m going to kill you’.”

When his mother tried to call the police, Hastings took hold of the telephone to pull it off her and pulled her from the sofa to the floor.

He then went into the kitchen, held up two knives and said: “Which knife do you want to be killed with?”

Mrs Hastings then managed to reach the front door and escape from the house and her son was arrested by police.

Mr Knight said Hastings accepted making threats and using bad language towards his mother but claimed his words and behaviour were “melodramatic” and he didn’t mean her to believe him. He had been taking medication that made him feel “not himself” and had since stopped taking it.

Mr Knight said his mother didn’t want her son to be punished, adding: “She wants him to get the help that he needs.”

Martin Bourne, for Hastings, said he had tried to take the phone from his mother in an attempt to “calm things down” without the police intervening.

He accepted he had threatened his mother but, said Mr Bourne: “It was a melodramatic thing to say, although his mother was seeing someone she didn’t recognise and would inevitably be alarmed by that.”

The court heard how Hastings had broken up with his long-term partner and mother of his son.

He had moved from Caversham back to live with his mother in Henley in the month before the incident.

He had lost his job in 2012, having previously been steadily employed since leaving school.

Mr Bourne said Mrs Hastings had had concerns about her son’s mental health since he had suffered a head injury as a child which caused headaches and migraines.

He said: “She felt that his behaviour was simply not like him, which is what shocked her.”

The incident represented “the culmination of a downward spiral... a powerful medication which made him rather different from how he normally is.

“He reached a down point in his life, which started from the loss of his job, which gave him some structure, and things spiralled downwards.

“He acknowledges that his behaviour was bad and affects his relationship with his mother. He is very close to his mother so he regrets that a great deal.

“His commitment is to deal with his problems, sort out his life and find employment.”

Presiding magistrate Pauline Bowes adjourned the case until February 5 for a pre-sentence report.

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