Monday, 23 July 2018

Award winning cat killed by thoughtless driver

A MAN is campaigning for a lower speed limit after his award-winning cat was killed on the road

A MAN is campaigning for a lower speed limit after his award-winning cat was killed on the road outside his home.

Andrew Walley believes the top speed along Remenham Church Lane should be reduced from 30mph to 20mph to improve safety.

The 62-year-old company director claims to have seen muntjacs with broken legs having been hit by vehicles and scores of pheasants that have been run over in the road.

Mr Walley and his family were left devastated when they discovered their cat Smokey had been killed in a suspected hit and run about 50ft from their drive.

He said: “Smokey was 17 but he was in very good health and very much part of the family. He was a champion British short-haired Tippey - a very handsome cat.

“I am absolutely certain he was hit around 7am by someone belting down the lane, someone going too fast.

“Smokey was just left in the road. He was bleeding for quite some time as there was a big pool of blood there.

“Fortunately, it was a head injury and he would have been killed pretty much instantly. That’s a small blessing but we all felt that it was an unjust way for him to go. The poor old boy didn’t deserve to go like that.”

Mr Walley says the road has become a “rat run” for drivers escaping traffic on White Hill during rush hour and many ignore the speed limit.

He said: “We are very upset about the cat but that’s really a symptom of the wider problem.

“There is a lot of wildlife with lots of deer and muntjac and pets such as cats. People don’t seem to appreciate this. Potential hazards are there.

“If you come from the top of the hill and through the woods there is very poor visibility, particularly at night.

“Everybody knows there are no cameras or sleeping policemen but we have extremely narrow lanes with very few opportunities where you can have two cars pass each other.

“There is a huge amount of traffic coming down in the mornings where people try to cut out the traffic to Henley Bridge. It is a constant stream of cars from 8am to 9am and between 5pm and 6pm.

“It is a little country lane but it has become quite an artery.”

“We would like to see traffic calming because it is hazardous to wildlife and recreational users.”

He has contacted John Halsall, chairman of Remenham Parish Council, who agreed to support his call to Wokingham Borouugh Council to reduce the speed limit.

Mr Walley, who lives with his wife Adelle, had had Smokey from when he was a kitten.

He was chosen by their children, Julian, 26, a solicitor, and Mirabelle, 24, a proof reader, when the family lived in Twickenham.

Smokey was entered into cat shows and competitions and won a few rosettes, including first prize in the “most loveable cat” category at a show in Richmond. He was named “best of breed” at a big show at Earls Court.

The family are to replace Smokey with another short-haired Tippey to “fill the gap”. They have already selected Mistral, seven, and will bring him home in a few weeks’ time.

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