Friday, 20 July 2018

Phone pest told to pay victims

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay £1,500 to three neighbours to whom she made nuisance phone calls.

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay £1,500 to three neighbours to whom she made nuisance phone calls.

Ffion Moyle, 58, breached a restraining order by repeatedly trying to call her fellow villagers in Harpsden.

The order was imposed in August 2013 after she was found guilty of five counts of harassment amounting to stalking by plaguing other residents with emails and phone calls.

Moyle, a freelance translator, admitted breaching the order when she appeared at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The court heard that between January 28 and February 14 she tried to contact Kester George, Roderic Birkett and Julian Burtt, who were among her five original victims and named in the restraining order.

Claire Barclay, prosecuting, said 80-year-old Mr George, who is chairman of Harpsden Parish Council, answered a call from Moyle who said she was “going to have him mentally assessed”.

She called again but Mr George did not answer.

She said Mr Burtt received a call on February 13 but when the display on the phone showed the name “Ffion Moyle” he did not answer. The call went to voicemail and Moyle started to talk.

“He recognised the voice,” said Mrs Barclay. “It rang again, the same name came up and this carried on for five more calls and five more messages were left.”

Mr Birkett received five phone calls on his landline on February 14.

He answered the first two and told Moyle not to call him again and then phoned the police. While he was on another landline, she made another three calls to him.

Moyle left one message, saying: “Just to make clear if you ever hurt me or my family again I will break both your legs so do not even dream of it.”

In a statement to police, Mr Birkett said the incident was “concerning” and Moyles’ behaviour seemed  “irrational”.

He said: “The restraining order has been in place for some time so it was unexpected she would call us up. My wife and I have each other but I feel sorry for anyone on their own.

“Clearly she is ignoring the order. She tried to talk to my wife in Tesco three weeks ago. Until then she had adhered to her restraining order. When I heard her voice on the message it was worrying. Hearing her go on and on fills me with dread.”

Andrew Storch, for Moyle, said she had suffered a mental breakdown in January and February.

He said: “She was no longer in control of herself. In her own words, ‘I was out of my mind’.

“She immediately apologised and sent messages to the same three people. She has also deleted the email addresses and phone numbers of the five people to make sure nothing can happen again.”

The court also heard how Moyle had signed herself up for counselling.

She was ordered to pay £500 to each man and £85 costs.

Lead magistrate David Harding said it was a “complex and difficult” case.

He told Moyle: “You have pleaded guilty to these breaches and we have to look at what is right in terms of community punishment.

“We are pleased to hear you are putting yourself into counselling and we think this is a positive step but the impact you have had on your victims cannot be ignored.

“The restraining order continues and you must abide by that. Do not go near or contact them. The onus is on you.”

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