Saturday, 22 September 2018

‘Scum’ take purse from woman, 86

THIEVES stole hundreds of pounds from an 86-year-old woman as she was shopping in Henley.

THIEVES stole hundreds of pounds from an 86-year-old woman as she was shopping in Henley.

Pam Forsyth noticed her purse was missing as she left Waitrose after paying for her goods.

Now her daughter has hit out at the “low-life scum” responsible and says Henley doesn’t seem to be as nice a place as it used to be.

Sue Harris, of Abrahams Road, said: “I hope they can sleep at night knowing the upset and pain they’ve caused.” Mrs Harris’s husband Carl, a taxi driver, picked Mrs Forsyth up from her home in Remenham on Wednesday afternoon last week and dropped her in Henley.

She then withdrew £300 from the cash machine at HSBC in Market Place and visited several shops before going to the supermarket in Bell Street.

As she loaded her goods at the checkout, Mrs Forsyth noticed another purse lying in the bagging area.

She went to hand it to the cashier but a grey-haired woman in the queue behind her said it was hers and took it.

Mrs Forsyth packed her shopping in bags, paid in cash and was walking out when she suddenly realised her own purse was missing.

Mrs Harris said: “The theft must have happened while she was at the till. The incident with the other lady was strange, although I don’t know if it’s connected.

“The manager tried to find the incident on CCTV but unfortunately their cameras didn’t cover that end of the checkout.

“From the thief’s point of view they were lucky as Mum had just taken the cash out. It’s a lot of money for her to lose and really leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.

“I’m told other people have had purses stolen recently so the problem appears to be rife.

“The town doesn’t seem as nice as it used to. We all grew up here and it has always been a lovely town but there’s now a small element of low-life scum who steal when given the opportunity.

“Picking on an 86-year-old woman is the worst thing you can do.

“Mum puts it down to experience but now she doubts whether she should be out on her own. She was in such a state when it happened.”

Mrs Harris added: “I would encourage everyone to be vigilant because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. It’s taught me to hang on to my bag for dear life.”

The theft has been reported to police, who said they would speak to the supermarket manager.

Waitrose said it couldn’t comment as the staff member who dealt with the incident was on holiday.

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