Monday, 16 July 2018

Hooded hooligan beheads flowers at 2am

A HOODED vandal beheaded spring flowers in a 2am attack on two civic flower beds

A HOODED vandal beheaded spring flowers in a 2am attack on two civic flower beds.

The hooligan, believed to be a man in his twenties, used a large stick like a sword as he lashed out at the plants.

The attack on the beds outside Sonning Common village hall on Monday last week was captured on CCTV.

Parish councillors have condemned the vandalism.

The beds in Wood Lane have since been replanted.

The footage shows the man in a dark hooded anorak carrying the stick at his side.

He swipes the weapon across the top of the bed nearest the One Stop shop, removing all the flower heads, before digging out part of the soil so that it spills on to the ground.

He then does the same to the second flowerbed nearer the Co-operative store, leaving flower heads and soil scattered across the pavement.

Parish councillor Chrissie Phillips-Tilbury said: “At first I thought an animal had done it but it was actually a young man.

“He came down in the direction of the Co-op with a stick in his hand and took a severe dislike to the two big planters. He was using it like a sword and beheaded all the flowers, then used it vigorously to dig out all the soil.

“I didn’t recognise him but it’s not one of the kids who hang around outside the village hall — they would not be out at 2am. It looked like someone in their twenties or maybe even older. He didn’t look drunk, just angry.”

The culprit was wearing a black jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms and dark trainers.

The council plans to post images from the footage in the window of the hall in the hope someone will be able to identify the man.

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