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I'm out of Big Brother house but my boy can go all the way

I'm out of Big Brother house but my boy can go all the way

ANGIE BEST says she doesn’t mind being the first person to have been voted out of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother — and is hoping her son Calum will win the series.

The 64-year-old personal trainer from Medmenham was evicted from the show on Friday evening after losing a public vote.

Angie had spent 11 days in the house together with another 17 British and American celebrities before her live eviction.

She had been nominated by TV presenter Coleen Nolan and glamour model Nicola McLean, who said they had grown weary of her promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Angie said: “I had the experience but I was praying to get out. I didn’t want to be there anymore — 11 days was enough.

“The food was an easy part — I didn’t get all the fuss. I also loved any tasks we did as it gave us something to do.

“It did also mean I got to spend a bit more time in bed and relax a bit, which is a good thing.”

Angie, who runs the Metaphysical gym at Henley Business School, said 34-year-old Calum had helped her understand how to act on the show as he previously appeared on it in 2015. She said: “He told me what to do, otherwise I would have had no idea. It was things like when the lights go out, which isn’t until everyone goes to bed.

“Everybody has to share the bathrooms but there are no locks on the doors. I was constipated for the first five days!”

Angie described her conversations with “Big Brother” in the diary room as “strange”. Contestants are faced with a blank wall and can’t see where the camera is.

“A voice asks you these questions but you have to be careful because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with what you say,” she said.

She was not really aware of the dozens of cameras around the house watching the celebrities’ every move.

“You can’t worry about that,” she said. “They’re there wherever you are and whatever you are doing — just don’t pick your nose!”

Angie said all her fellow housemates were “lovely” but she didn’t “get” American singer Stacy Francis.

Her best friends were singers John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward, and Bianca Gascoigne, a former girlfriend of her son and daughter of former England footballer Paul.

She described Heidi and Spencer Pratt, from American reality show The Hills, as the biggest “players” and tipped them to win if it couldn’t be Calum.

Angie emerged from the house wearing black jeans, black boots, a white blouse and a navy jacket with gold detail and was interviewed by host Emma Willis before being briefly reunited with Mark Miller, her partner of 20 years.

She then had to go through more media interviews and appear on the spin-off show Big Brother’s Little Brother. Angie said: “You come out but they whisk you off to do press and hours of more TV. At about 2am they take you to a hotel room and then I fell on to the bed and slept.

“On the whole, I think Big Brother was good to me. My agent has booked me for all this stuff so I am going to do it but I just want to be back in my gym and teaching my classes.”

She hopes Calum, a model and TV personality, will now win the show.

Angie said: “I would like all the people in Henley to support Calum — he’s the town’s adopted son.

“He’s the best looking one in there for starters and he is a real gentleman. He’s a really good guy and deserves to win.”

She added that the female housemates had been behaving differently around her son since she was evicted.

“When I was in there they were respectful but that stopped when I left,” she said.

Her friend Lynne Lambourne, from Peppard, who helps run Calum’s Best Life gym, said: “It has been hilarious to watch the ladies in the house — there is a definite Calum Best effect.

“I think you see the side of him we all know. He is good fun and really good to watch. He’s not playing any games and is just having a good time. I think it’s brilliant TV.”

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