Sunday, 24 June 2018

REFILL is a national campaign, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste caused by single-use water bottles.

Instead of buying a new bottle, Refill has a very simple and practical solution for when we are out and about — refill our bottles.

By involving local friendly shops, hotels and businesses, the aim is to create as many locations as possible that allow people to fill up their bottles with tap water free.

Refill is the brainchild of Natalie Fee, who left a job in television to focus on reducing plastic pollution.

The project started in 2015 and immediately caught on in Bristol with more than 200 businesses taking part.

“Every time someone refills a bottle rather than throws a plastic one away, we are reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the ocean,” says Fee.

Refill is now coming to Henley, spearheaded by town councillor Sarah Miller.

It will be rolled out over the next few months and is supported by the Henley in Transition group.

A team of volunteers will go around the town encouraging local proprietors of cafés, restaurants and hotels to take part in the campaign. A sticker will be placed in the window of each participating venue as well as the opportunity of being signed up to the Refill app (that puts them on a virtual map and can be downloaded free at

Other local attempts to reduce plastics within Henley currently include two petitions requesting that both Tesco and Waitrose create plastic-free aisles within their Henley branches.

The petitions are localised versions of the national campaign, which is collecting signatures for plastic-free aisles across the UK.

To sign the Henley plastic-free aisle petitions go to

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