Sunday, 24 June 2018

I didn't strangle dog, says Heseltine

FORMER Henley MP Michael Heseltine says it was a “terrible misrepresentation” to say he had killed his mother’s pet dog after it bit him.

He told Tatler magazine that the Alsatian, called Kim, had a “mental breakdown”, so he grabbed him by the choker chain and “pulled it tight” until he went “limp”.

Lord Hesteltine, who served as Henley MP from 1974 to 2001, later clarified that Kim had not died but reverted to being “the dog we all knew and loved”.

He added that he was faced with a “terrible dilemma” but had him put down the next day.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, Lord Heseltine recalled that he had been minding Kim one day in 1964 when the dog appeared to have developed a problem with its paw.

He said when he reached down to help. the dog “flew”at him on his hind legs.

Lord Heseltine said: “I immediately got out of my chair and there was a certain amount of blood as he was biting my wrists.

“I shouted to my wife to get out of the room as she was heavily pregnant at the time. I managed to catch the choker chain that was around his neck and, twisting that, obviously got a grip on the dog.

“After, it all seemed so long in the event but it probably wasn’t more than 15 seconds. He went quite limp and reverted to being the dog we all knew and loved.”

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