Sunday, 17 December 2017

Dentists believe in 'minimal intervention'

Dentists believe in 'minimal intervention'

WOOD Lane Dentistry has been serving the Sonning, Henley and Caversham communities since 1969.

The team passionately believe in minimal intervention dentistry. What is this? Well prevention is better than cure and by using the latest technology such as digital radiographs and 3D scanning they can identify and then gently treat early disease using high mineral pastes, and bonded materials to seal cavities.

Is this expensive? No, it means less treatment and allows you to enjoy high quality care at a price you can afford.

The minimal intervention philosophy also extends to their aesthetic dentistry. They can create beautiful smiles without drilling teeth by using white bonded white filling materials that effectively “stick” on to the teeth, enabling the dentists to reshape them as required.

With all this high-level dentistry comes the latest digital technology. It has the latest 3D CT scanner, which helps diagnosis and planning complex implant cases.

It also uses ultrasonic technology to produce gentle bacteria killing for cavities, gum disease and for dealing with tooth abscesses.

If you have a dental phobia, there is no need to put off the treatment you require. From the friendly smile at the reception desk to the treatment room, the team are receptive and able to treat nervous patients using sedation.

If further proof were needed of this clinic’s excellence, this practice has become a finalist for two national awards: Best Practice of the Year and principal dentist, Vikram Chugani, has been nominated for Dentist of the Year in recognition of his specialist work and for the leadership of this team of highly qualified dentists.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 0118 972 2626 or visit

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