Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Calls for 'fag packet' design of speed signs

A NEW road safety campaign is calling for a “fag packet approach” to the design of UK speed limit signs.

The idea is for images of car crashes to be used to help make drivers more instantly aware of the risks associated with their actions.

A poll of 2,000 motorists by insurance firm More Than saw 58 per cent back the radical move.

Sixty-two per cent admitted that they regularly ignore speed limit signs at present, with 25 per cent saying the threat of being ordered to attend a speed awareness course isn’t a big enough deterrent.

Kenny Leitch of More Than said: “While it may sound a particularly radical idea to introduce visual deterrents alongside speed limit signs, the adoption of a ‘cigarette-pack approach’ could be another way to tap into the human motivations that can promote good driving and prevent speeding.”

The new initiative also takes inspiration from hard-hitting TV advertising campaigns that adopted a graphic approach to warning of the dangers of speeding.


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