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Rowing lake entrepreneur reveals plan for crossing
Published 10/03/14

THE man behind the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake in Caversham has unveiled plans for a third Thames bridge over the site.

Entrepreneur David Sherriff says the bridge would span a 100m stretch of the river and be fed to the north by a new roundabout at the junction of Caversham Park Road and Henley Road and to the south by the existing roundabout at Thames Valley Park Drive.

Mr Sherriff, 66, from Medmenham, said: “I see traffic jams every day when I drive to Caversham and I just so happen to have a site where a bridge can work.

“I have known about the river crossing [debate] for 40 years and have watched the traffic grow, the Thames Valley Park being built and other bridges slowly getting weaker and weaker.

“Sonning Bridge will continually have problems because it is a very old bridge and is not designed for what it is taking. This bridge would mean that none of the gravel trucks needs to come through Henley, Marlow, Reading or Caversham.”

Mr Sherriff said the bridge construction would be “relatively simple” because it didn’t involve an existing road with traffic on it.

It would be called Dreadnought Reach Bridge after the stretch of the Thames that it crosses.

He said: “I started dabbling in it about 12 years ago and I have put this concept report out not because the bridge is necessary because everybody knows it is but to say that this is the place.” Mr Sherriff says there are five landowners spanning the site where the bridge would be built and they all support the plan.

He expects the project would be funded by the Government.

Mr Sherriff spent 25 years working on the rowing lake, which has a 2,000m course. His strategy was to buy up small parcels of land and relocate his 300-berth marina to make way for the rowing centre.

Published 10/03/14

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