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Wargrave and Shiplake Regatta 2016 results

Rhylva Challenge Cup (gentlemen’s double sculling skiff): David Gillard, Peter Lowe, Rory Copus (cox)

Rhylva Challenge Cup (gentlemen’s double sculling skiff): David Gillard, Peter Lowe, Rory Copus (cox)

Ladies’ double sculling skiff: Rosie Brady, Lucie Daman, William Denham (cox)

Quartermaine Challenge Cup (ladies’ and gentlemen’s double sculling skiff): Lucie Daman, Henry Blois-Brooke, William Denham (cox)

Mardon Challenge Cup (gentlemen’s single Canadian canoe): William Konarzewski

Brighten Challenge Cup (ladies’ and gentlemen’s Canadian canoe): Lucie Daman, David Corke

Dongola Grand Challenge Cup: Old Grey Goose (Amy Etherington, Jenna Shanks, Ben Bower, Peter Brown, Tom Konarzewski, William Konarzewski)

Rutter Jackson Trophy (Thames dongola): STBC (Julia Frances, Louisa Reeve, Ed Couldwell, Chris Huston, Simon Berrisford, David Bushnell)

Venture Challenge Cup  (gentlemen’s single punt, handicap): Matthew Gordon

Wargrave Challenge Cup (ladies’ single punt, handicap): Dodo Snape

Lawrence Challenge Cup (ladies’ and gentlemen’s double punt, handicap):  Madeline Pooley, Bruce Maidment

Gentlemen’s single punting in canoes: Cedd Burge

Ladies’ double punting in canoes: Lucie Daman, Kelly Doward

Double punting in canoes: Charlie Pooley, Andrew Pooley

Victor Hermon Challenge Cup  (ladies’ dinghy): Caroline Simmonds

Ryall Challenge Cup (boys’ and girls’ double sculling skiff): Tom Crook, Holly Verran, Hannah Bradbury (cox)

Vickerman Challenge Cup (boys’ double sculling skiff): Freddie Hall, James Pearson-Miles, Jemima Prior (cox)

Girls’ double sculling skiff: Rebecca Lister, Georgina Robinson Ranger, Lucy Bird (cox)

Pinto Leite Challenge Cup (junior dongola): Oarsome (Felicity Parfitt, Maya Andrews, Tom Crook, Henry O’Brien, Stanley Thomas, Henry Peters)    

Under-12 dongola: Happy Go Lucky (Lily Lowe, Anna Merritt, Fane Hamilton, Noah Lowe, Ned Floyd, Jeremy Lowe)

Peter Gough Challenge Cup (under-15 dinghy): Eleanor Blois-Brooke

Hermon Sisters’ Salver (under-12 dinghy): Noah Lowe

Side-by-side dinghy: Ollie Roullier, Archie Smith, Gabrielle Hortop (cox)

Bushnell Trophy: (under-17 Canadian canoe): Rozi Lowe, Sam Lowe

Harding Salver (veteran gentlemen’s double sculling skiff): Clive Cooper, Chris Howell, Georgie Newton (cox)

Veteran ladies’ and gentlemen’s double-sculling skiff: Peter Lowe, Krista Lowe, Noah Lowe (cox)

Easterling Challenge Cup (veterans’  dongola): Legs 12 (Katie Binning, Samantha Symons, Andy Marlow, Peter Jacobs, Peter Jennings, Marcus Binning)

Diana Long Challenge Cup (novice gentlemen’s single punt): Kristofer Karlsson

Novice ladies’ single punt: Kelly Doward

Scratch dongola: Crew B (James Carver, Ottie Kelly, Julia Templing, Stuart Milne, Kitty Moss, William Laughton)

Vassal Adams trophy: Matthew Gordon

Hermon trophy: Joanne Grey

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