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Wednesday at Henley Royal Regatta

7:40pm: Last race of the day and the I.C. School of Medicine are beaten by the Dutch team, who suffered a technical issue earlier.

7:35pm: A tight race between Oxford Brooks and reading University boat clubs. Oxford Brooks hung on to their lead.

7:30pm: Lightweights from Sydney Rowing Club, Australia, who have recently competed in the Australian national championships won the last heat of the day of The Wyfold Challenge Cup, despite the heavier City of Bristol crew matching them stroke for stroke and clawing back the distance the Australian crew had generated early on in the race.

7:15pm: After racing this evening The Henley Standard spoke to Ian Desmond, coach of the Upper Thames eight, favourite in the The Thames Challenge Cup. He said: “I thought it was a good start to their competition, they rowed well and have been improving piece by piece.”

“They are a tremendous bunch, physically they are very big and strong and can do very well here.”

6:55pm: Warrington stopped sculling at the three quarter mile and the safety boat and Umpires launch are dealing with a crew member. The three man was removed from the boat and was taken to the boat tents whilst the remaining three crew members rowed the boat back to the boat tents.

6:50pm: The crew from Star Club, Bedford, in The Wyfold Challenge Cup, which has three junior internationals went off at 50 strokes per minute at the start. The Army crew were more laconic at only 47.

6:40pm: Upper Thames have had to wait to start and the tension seems to have shown in the start, though they were well into a comfortable rhythm at the Barrier. They were closely matched to their opposition, having been third and fourth respectively, at Marlow regatta in Senior eights but won easily.

6:30pm: Newcastle Univeristy 'B' have dyed orange hair. Even if they don't win their race they've definitely won today's most vibrantly kitted out crew contest.

6:20pm: Great Marlow School are the alma mater of Sir Steve Redgrave but they were the lighter crew in this evenings heat of The Princess Elizabeth Cup, and Kings College Wimbledon won.

6:15pm: When you wait all day to race you make sure you don't let your opposition walk away. The crews in the Thames Challenge Cup showed what Henley Royal Regatta racing is all about.

5:45pm: A real tussle in The Wyfold Challenge Cup between Molesey and City of Oxford, with both crews rating 35 into the enclosures. Being coxless crews both had steering wobbles, with City of Oxford dealing with the issue better and eventually winning.

5:45pm: St Edward's School crew has three members who were losing finalists in 2013. They started their 2014 challenge beating St Paul's School, showing them a clean pair of heels.

5:30pm: Thames 'A' are favourites are for the Thames Challenge Cup having had crews reach the semi final each year for the last eight years. Thames took an early lead and seemed comfortable at the Barrier, rating 32, aiming to stamp their mark on this event. Agecroft were left scampering behind.

5:30pm: Evening racing begins with a round of the Thames Challenge Cup, with the Thames Rowing Club 'A' crew racing Agecroft. It should be a good start to the evenings events.

4:30pm: The Henley Standard interviewed some of the crews returning from this afternoon's races:

Jack Thompson, 24, from Wokingham, stroke of the Upper Thames 'B' crew, who raced in The Wyfold Challenge Cup, said: “They were about a length and a half ahead a minute into the race and we thought it was over.”
“We kept going and we’ve talked about being confident and doing our own race and when we got the cheers from the crowd we knew we could break through them.”
“We knew we had enough to knock them down.”

Upper Thames Rowing Club 'B' Crew - The Wyfold Challenge Cup

4:15pm: The Dutch crew kept their cool and beat their American opposition in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, with power and precision.

3:50pm: Upper Thames reeled in their American opposition who seemed to have steering issues with the booms. The local crew have an unexpected but well deserved win.

3:45pm: The race isn't over until it's over and that statement holds true on the Henley Regatta Course, where stream and the slightly longer course length trully tests crews cohesion, stamina and self-belief. The gear change just before the finish line can change the result dramatically. Today it was Cambridge who stopped the line being snatched away from them, beating Vesta in a very close race.

3:30pm: The Prince Albert Challenge Cup is a relatively 'new' race compared to some of the events at Henley Royal Regatta but since its inception it has attracted some great crews. Today the northerners from Newcastle beat the southerners from Bath, the Newcastle crew being the selected crew.

3:15pm: A really close race between Edinburgh and Trinity College, Dublin, sees Edinburgh triumph.

2.45pm: University of Western Ontario vs Bucknell University compared to a major North American ice hockey match, though a great way for the Canadian crew to celebrate Canada Day. In the Princess Elizabeth the weight difference between the two crews proves to be a deciding factor.

2.25pm: A heat of the Pricess Elizabeth between two crews who did well at the National Schools Regatta in May, resulted in Monmouth moving on to the next round whilst Harvard are taking the scenic route on the course.

2.00pm: The afternoon racing has begun, with a heat of The Thames Challenge Cup.

1.05pm: A busy morning at the Regatta has seen local crews from Upper Thames, Star and Arrow Club and Abingdon all win their races. Proceedings have now come to a halt for lunch but we'll be back with all the news just before 2pm. More races featuring Wallingford, Reading University, Upper Thames and Marlow plus lots more this afternoon.

1.00pm: Photo update: Local crews competing at Henley Royal Regatta 2014

The Wyfold Chanllenge Cup
Upper Thames (pictured) won their race beating Agecroft R.C.

The Fawley Challenge Cup
Star and Arrow Club (pictured) won their race beating Thames R.C.

12.45am: More quotes from the crews returning from this morning's races:

“Really good race. The conditions are good and very still. We were expecting them to be with us for the first stage but we pushed hard and got to a level they couldn’t sustain.”
Tom Digby, 15, Abingdon No. 3 seat
The Prince Edward Challenge Cup
Abingdon won by three lengths beating Sir William Borlase’s School

“Good race. The first one is always tough. There’s always nerves but it’s good to get it out of the way and we’d rather have a hard race than an easy one!”
Lewis Beech, Upper Thames No 1 seat
The Wyfold Chanllenge Cup
Upper Thames won by a length beating Agecroft R.C.

“Really strong race for us. We had a good start and we pulled away at the right moment. Everything went the way we planned so we are now reasting and recharging for tomorrow.”
Tom Mortimer, 1, Star and Arrow Club No 3 seat
The Fawley Challenge Cup
Star and Arrow Club won beating Thames R.C.

12:38pm: Lunch break which allows us to take a breather and review the racing from this morning. Some brilliant close races with Norwich RC giving spectators a close race against Molesey.

Follow all the results here Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page.

10.56am: Upper Thames win their race against Agecroft R.C in The Wyfold Challenge Cup. Follow all the results here
Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page.

10.50am: Upper Thames in contention in The Wyfold Challenge Cup against Agecroft R.C. Result here as it happens.

10.46am: Caught up with Shiplake College's number 4, Max Hearnden, after their loss by 1 3/4 lengths in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, "Good race. Enjoyable atmosphere and a good experience. We pushed them all the way and can be proud of our performance."

10.36am: Coming up at 11.20 the (Leander) Star and Arrow Club racing against Thames R.C. in The Prince Albert Challenge Cup (11.20am).

10.24am: Bad luck to Shiplake College who have lost their race in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup to Hampton School who won by 1 3/4 lengths in a time of 6.55.

9.51am: Our news team have been speaking to crews returning from their races. Alex Gaff, 17, the cox for the Reading Blue Coats, commented after losing to Pangbourne College by 4.5 lengths, "It was not good out there. I think we did well but we were beaten by the better crew".

9.50am: We're back. Unbelievable. Just as we're about to post the first comments live from the Henley Royal Regatta and a power outage takes us down. Results service fully up to date on our
Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page.

9.00am: And we're off.

8.30am: Races every five minutes this morning. It's going to be busy! We'll be looking out for all the local crews and keeping you up to date with all race results as they happen via our
Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page.

8.05am: Today's the day! The 175th Henley Royal Regatta opens this morning. The Henley Standard team will be in attendance to ensure you have all the results, breaking stories, interviews, colour and video you need to keep up with the news.

Join us here for live results from the early rounds, when racing begins with the best top university, club and school crews the world has to offer. Our web team will be doing live updates through the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators.

For race results as they happen, bookmark our Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page. Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day.

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