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Thursday at Henley Royal Regatta 2014

7.15pm A great day with dead-heats, drama and geese all getting in on the act. We'll be back tomorrow with more news and views from Henley Royal Regatta.

7.08pm The re-run of race between Molesey B.C. and Seeclub Zurich, SUI in the Visitors' Challenge Cup will now take place tomorrow.

6:44pm As they day draws to a close, there are just five scheduled races to go but don't forget we have the re-run of race between Molesey B.C. and Seeclub Zurich, SUI in the Visitors' Challenge Cup after their dead heat earlier. The race will now take place at 7.10pm

6:28pm Quote from the crew: Bea Searle, the cox from the Upper Thames 'B' crew, who lost in The Brittania Challenge Cup to Radley Mariners, said, "The boys rowed their hearts out. It was really good racing. They were just quicker in the end but it was a gutsy row from our boys - they pushed hard all the way."

6:04pm Guess who? We think you will have guessed one of the four, Sir Steve Redgrave and the other three competed against Steve in Channel 4's celebrity skiing competition, 'The Jump'. Sinita, Nicky Clarke and Henry Conway all joined Sir Steve for a day at the regatta.

6:04pm The race between Molesey B.C. and Seeclub Zurich, SUI in the Visitors' Challenge Cup will be raced again after their dead heat earlier. The race will now take place at 7.10pm.

5:54pm We've seen some tight races and exciting finishes today but they don't come any closer than this. The race between Molesey B.C. and Seeclub Zurich, SUI in the Visitors' Challenge Cup has been declared a dead heat in a time of 7.14.

5:44pm Bad luck to Marlow who fought hard but The Grange School won through in the end. Valiant effort against highly fancied competition.

5:40pm Marlow are in a tight race with The Grange School in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Marlow are less than half a length ahead but The Grange are still pushing to redress the balance.

5:26pm Guess who? Spotted at the Regatta today, who are these four unlikely competitors?

4:30pm Tea time. A great afternoon's racing so far. We're looking forward to the final session of the day with Upper Thames and Marlow featuring in the Britannia Challenge Cup and Fawley Challenge Cup. Back at 5.30pm.

4:24pm Closest race of the day with Windsor Boys' School just pipping Northwich R.C. who had led for most of the race. A late push sees the Boys going through to the next round.

4:18pm Victory was indeed inevitable for Upper Thames. They made it look easy!

4:15pm Crowds roar as Upper Thames R.C. 'A' ease along the course in style. Star Club are lagging way behind as Upper Thames drop their stroke rate. Victory seems inevitable!

4:10pm Local team features in next race: The Britannia Challenge Cup, Upper Thames R.C. 'A' up against Star Club. The cheers will be heard up and down the river as the local crew goes for victory.

3:54pm Local alert! Look out for local crew, Upper Thames, competing in The Britannia Challenge Cup at 4.10pm.

3:36pm Local alert! Look out for local crew, Upper Thames, competing in The Britannia Challenge Cup at 4.10pm.

3:18pm Photo: Unexpected competitors challenge rowing boat to a race... and cruise to victory!

3:05pm Great surname belonging to a sculler competing in The Diamonds Challenge Sculls at 3.20pm. Playfair will be competing against Bradbury. We're sure he will!

2:53pm Local alert! Henley R.C. fight hard to bring home a victory in the Price of Wales Challenge Cup. Excellent race.

2:50pm Photo: Upper Thames 8 cruising home to victory.

2:45pm Local alert! Henley R.C. racing in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup in just a few minutes.

2:42pm Exciting race in the Temple Challenge Cup with University of Western Ontario overtaking University of Michigan just before the finishing line to win by 2/3 of a length. Great stuff!

2:32pm The Diamonds Challenge Sculls presents a commentating challenge as both are scullers kitted in white with stripes - the only difference is the direction of the stripe!

2:16pm Manchester stopped. Restarting with three rowing as the Germans head towards victory.

2:08pm Leander are ahead against Griffen B.C. & Henley R.C. in the Visitors' Challenge Cup.

2:00pm We're off again. Lunch finished and we're back at the start.

12:20am A great battle has developed between Edinburgh University racing Tideway Scullers in the Prince of Wales quad sculls race. There is a canvas between the crews.

12:10am Jack Beaumont from Leander, who raced in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup said: “We had a really good start we're really pleassed to have a length by the end of theisland and then stuck to our race plan. Strong head wind but we're strong guys who can deal with that.

12:00am Sam Agass racing for Upper Thames said: “Not one of our best starts but we managed to get a lead quite quickly and then race really well to the barrier.”

“We got into a really good rhythm and managed to extend the lead through to Fawley.”
“Past Upper Thames we had a good cheer from the crowd.”
“It was probably the strongest head wind we have rowed into, on the course, for awhile, but we dealt with it quite well which is pleasing.”
“We ve got a big race tomorrow to gear up for.”

11:45am The wind is quite blustery and though not as warm as yesterday the powered boats are out in force and are adding to the difficult water conditions. In a major turn around Nereus Amsterdam were beaten by University of London, who were behind for two thirds of the race.

11:20am City of Oxford give another stunning display of determination, having had a very tough race on the first day. Their opposition, a German crew from Mülheim, had a nervous start but pushed to the finish.

11:15am Hampton fight back from being behind Shrewsbury School through the enclosures. Fantastic racing from this junior crew and one that woke the crowds up.

11:00am Dan Admiral, who raced in the Henley Rowing Club eight, said, after their Britannia Challenge Cup race: “The conditions were quite tough because it was quite windy.”

“We're normally quite good at the start but it wasn't our day today.”

“We knew it would be a really tough race. We gave it our everything.”

10:30am Henley R.C. lost to the selected Vesta crew, who are one of the London clubs who form the membership of Remenham Club, a landmark along the course.

10:15am St George's School, competing in the Princess Elizabeth, are two years a man younger than their Eton opponents, coached by Alex Henshilwood, who has recently returned from Australia.

10:10am Leander crew member, Brendan Edwards said, after his race in The Fawley Challenge Club: $ldquo;Wallingford took us at the start but we kept relaxed and got into our rhythm”

“We tried to use our legs as much as possible.”

“We passed them and carried on with our race plan, got further into the lead and the result took care of itself. ”

9:55am A hotly contested Britannina race between London R.C. and City of Oxford R.C. with very little between the crews for most of the course. London R.C. eventually moved away coming into the enclosures.

9:50am A heat of the Fawley Challenge Cup and the Leander crew showed that the commitment required from their club in training, means they power through to win comfortably.

9:40am Already the wind has affected results as an eight from Derby hit the booms and wind shadows allow stream disadvantaged crews to extend their leads.

9:30am A local rowing master at Shiplake College and former international lightweight is racing against the Chinese, in a double scull, being strongly supported on the bank.

9:15am Our Reporter Helen spoke to Ian Ringer, bow man in the Upper Thames 'B' Wyfold crew: “It was about a textbook race as you can have.”

“It was exactly about how we talked about it before the race. It's always nice to row through the enclosures with a comfortable lead.”

9:00am The Japanese scullers beat the local Wallingford double. The Mitsubishi team had the technical edge though they gave away two stone in weight to the Wallingford crew, in windy conditions.

8:45 Upper Thames comfortably win their first races of the day whilst Sir William Borlase move away from Star and Arrow. Quite a few local people on the bank early this morning.

A packed day of racing ahead today with races every 5 to 10 minutes. Join us here for live results from the course, with the best top university, club and school crews the world has to offer.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

For race results as they happen, bookmark our Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page. Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day.

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