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Saturday Henley Royal Regatta 2014

6.48pm That's it for today. Harvard University win the last race of the day beating Imperial College London in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. So, just the rather important business of the finals for tomorrow. We'll be back in the morning to give you all the news and views from the riverside. Have a good evening!

6.42pm A pleasure cruiser nearly halts the final race of the day! Luckily, it went into reverse and just managed to get out of the way. Do people not know there's a rather well known regatta underway?

6.36pm Police 'pleased so far' with their Regatta operation. Full story >>

6.24pm In a repeat of the Fawley Challenge Cup final from last year , Sir William Borlase's School compete against Westminster School in the semi-final in a few moments.

6.17pm A.J. Sinclair and S. Durant (Leander and Oxford Brookes) lose by a length or so against Hollandia R.C. in The Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup.

6.10pm Local alert! Coming up, Leander and Oxford Brookes compete as a composite crew in The Silver Goblets against Hollandia R.C.

6.01pm Harvard University complete a smooth race to win over University of London who, it has to be said, looked a little tired. Maybe the week has taken its toll - it's quite tiring reporting on the races so we understand!

5.54pm University of London v Harvard University now at the start. A strong line up should see a lively race.

5.40pm As Brown University win their semi-final against the Dutch crew, A.S.R. Nereus, in The Temple Challenge Cup, Oxford Brookes are at the start ready to take on Newcastle University in The Prince Albert Challenge Cup.

5.30pmWe're off again. The last session of the day with eight races featuring Harvard, Oxford Brookes, Windsor Boys', Westminster and Sir William Borlase's School to name but a few.

5.20pm Photo: Leander Club who beat Brown University, USA in The Ladies' Challenge Cup earlier today. After trailing to Brown University, Leander put in an amazing late push to pip the American crew by a couple of feet at the finish.

5.12pm Photo: Leander Club and Agecroft R.C. who beat Craftsbury, USA in The Queen Mother Challenge Cup earlier today. More photos to follow...

4.56pm As the sun peaks through the clouds, we're ready for the final session today. Coming up from 5.30pm.

4.28pm Time for tea! Back in an hour.

4.20pm They're very prompt which is reassuring. The Royal Air Force's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is overhead now, drowning out radios, chatter and commentary alike! Great display, wonderful.

4.10pm ROYAL AIR FORCE BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL FLYPAST - At 4.18pm, at Henley Royal Regatta, there will be a flypast by a Spitfire and a Hurricane from the Royal Air Force's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

4.08pm Local alert! Leander and Imperial College London composite crew win and reach the final of The Remenham Challenge Cup. Next: The Visitors' Challenge Cup with Leander against Oklahoma City River Sport 'A'.

3.58pm Local alert! Did we mention that Leander were featuring a lot this afternoon? Another two races, back to back, in a few minutes both featuring one of the most famous rowing clubs in the world. The Remenham Challenge Cup at 4pm sees Leander and Imperial College London in a composite crew followed by The Visitors' Challenge Cup at 4.10pm which will see Leander vie with Oklahoma City River Sport 'A'.

3.48pm Another very tight finish to an amazing race in The Ladies' Challenge Cup but University of California just pip Leander and Molesey B.C. to go through to the final.

3.40pm Local alert! Another composite crew featuring Leander Club with Molesey B.C. about to race in The Ladies' Challenge Cup against University of California, USA.

3.36pm Local alert! Leander lead the South Africans comfortably in the Doubles.

3.24pm Local alert! As Eton race Abingdon in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, there's more from Leander coming up in The Remenham Challenge Cup in a composite crew with Imperial College London at 4pm. Then, at 4.10, The Visitors' Challenge Cup will see Leander face Oklahoma River Sport 'A'.

3.16pm Leander and Agecroft R.C. win. Another excellent race. The weather may not be up to much this afternoon but the crowds are being treated to some fantastic races!

3.14pm The composite crew, Leander and Agecroft R.C. have just nudged ahead but another exciting race. Neck and neck!

3.13pm Leander featuring lots more this afternoon. Currently racing in the Queen Mother Challenge Cup in a composite crew with Agecroft R.C. against Craftsbury Sculling Center, USA. Another tight race ensues!

3.07pm Leander Club win! After trailing to Brown University, Leander put in a mazing late push to pip the American crew by a couple of feet at the finish.

3.05pm Local alert! Leander Club competing in the Ladies' Challenge Cup against Brown University. Leander trailing but working hard to redress balance. Tight finish. Awaiting confirmation of result. Exciting stuff!

3.00pm The Dutchman, Rowl Braas, wins the Diamond Sculls by three lengths as Alan Campbell misses out on a final against his best man, Mahe Drysdale

2:56pm At 6'3", Alan Campbell is no slouch in the height department but his opposite number, Roel Braas comes in at 6'7". Racing each other now in the Diamonds Challenge Cup, it's a tight start but Braas has taken a convincing lead as they approach the mile mark.

2:48pm The German crew, Rendsburger and Hurther, give it their all to come back from a length back as they approach the finishing post but the French crew, Club France 'B', hold on in The Stewards' Challenge Cup race. Great finish.

2:20pm Umbrella sales set to go through the roof in the next hour as the skies open. The rowers won't be worried although the accompanying wind is not a welcome development!

2:11pm Local alert! Coming up at 3pm, Leander Club will be going into battle with Brown University, USA, in The Ladies Challenge Cup.

2:00pm Lunch is over and we're off with the first race, The Princess Royal Challenge Cup. We'll be keeping you posted with all the news and results all afternoon.

2:00pm Lunch is over and we're off with the first race, The Princess Royal Challenge Cup. We'll be keeping you posted with all the news and results all afternoon.

12:40pm Over the Lunch interval there will be row pasts by Marlow R.C. & U.L. Tyrian Club winners of The Prince Philip Challenge Cup in 1984, Pembroke College Cambridge, winners of The Ladies' Challenge Plate and the Visitors' Challenge Cup in 1964, and Porcellian Club U.S.A. winners of The Wyfold Challenge Cup in 1974.

12:30pm The Leander/Molesey composite demolished the French but no surprise after their result in Aiguebalette last weekend and their Olympic pedigree. Jurgen Grobler is going to have his work cut out selecting boats for the World's this year.

12:25pm The last race before the lunch break and a trully international race between France and Great Britian. The British crew are leading by 3 lengths.

12:20pm Mahe Drysdale leads from Nick Purnell in the middle of the course. Mahe can adjust his sculling according to the length course and is as comfortable on longer courses, even as something as long as the Silver Sculls in Turin, as he is on the Olympic 2000m course.

12:15pm Mahe Drysdale, current world chamipon and an Olympic legend in the single scull, leads by a foot at the end of the island. Purnell of Australia is snapping at his heels, not allowing Drysdale to have an easy race.

12:10pm Sport Imperial pull ahead in the last 500m of the race to beat Thames. The Imperial crew contains a Waterman with a family legacy in rowing. He is continuing the tradition reaching the finals at Henley Royal Regatta

12:05pm Overhead is a very low flying plane, as a very exciting race comes up the course between Thames and Sport Imperial.

12:00pm Upper Thames win in a very tight race. There are now two crews from this locla club in finals tomorrow.

11:55pm Upper Thames 'A' need to make their mark on their semi-final of the Britannia Cup and lead by half a length from Sydney. In squally wet conditions the local crew have an advantage as they understand the foibles of the course, racing against the stream and the wind. They lead as they approach their club.

11:50pm Mercantile are coming back on their German opposition in the Thames cup. This is a herculean battle and the crews cannot be told apart. There is a bow ball in it. Umpired by Matthew Pinsent, the Germans are declared the winners. The Germans have the heaviest coxain in the whole event as he is 10st 8lbs but he was certainly worth his weight today.

11:45pm Angus Groom, who raced for Leander in the Prince of Wales Cup quad said:“They were up on us for a little bit then we had a really strong middle and just pulled away.”

“It was quite comfortable at the end.”

“We rowed really well. If we do that tomorrow we should have a really good one.”

11:40pm The Henley Standard has a video of the Fawley quad that broke a blade within 10 strokes of the start in 2013. If you have a video of an interesting moment in racing email us

11:35pm At the barrier Leander lead by 1/4 length after the Cardiff crew lead out of the start. This is a combination of junior internationals racing senior internationals and with a history of blades breaking in this event the blade work is exceptionally clean in these crews.

11:30pm Vesta are beaten on the line in a very tough race. The Germans will race in the final tomorrow, possibly against the local Upper Thames crew.

11:30pm The Remenham roar is unleashed as the Vesta crew have the advantage over the German crew at this point in the course. This is a coxed race and they are motivating their crew to go down to the wire. Both crews are rating high with the Germans pulling out a 1/4 length into the enclosures.

11:15pm A quote from Justin Sutherland Captain of Upper Thames :“It was a very hard race - we went off very well and got an early lead in the first 500m.”

“Then Thames, who are a very good crew drew level. We rowed level for two or three minutes. ”

“Towards the end of the course we drew out a few feet which turned into half a length and then over a length. ”

“We're really excited about our prospects in the final. Now we need to get out and repeat the performance with the coxed four in the next half hour.”

11:15pm A heat of the womens' single sculls gets under way between the reigning Olympic champion racing and British sculler Mel Wilson, who may not have such a pedigree but is a great sculler in her own right.

11:10pm Leander are behind the Gloucester composite by about 2 lengths. Debbie Flood is in the bow of the Leander crew but they are beaten by the full time athletes in the Gloucester composite who are the GB under 23 crew.

11:00pm A very close race to the quarter mile with Upper Thames having a canvas in front. Thames attack at the half mile closing the gap. At Remenham they were level but then Upper Thames pulled out to three feet and then half a length. Both crews being warned over steering and then over compensate heading towards to the booms. The Upper Thames crew manage to keep the distance and win.

10:55pm The second semi-final of the Wyfold cup and a real local tussle between Upper Thames and Thames, who will have their supporters in Remenham, the club next door to Upper Thames, halfway along the course. The winner will race Tideway Scullers who raced earlier and had a discussion with the booms off of the island.

10:45pm The Henley crew are on average two years younger than the Gloucester quad as the Gloucester girls pull away to a 4 length lead over the Henley girls.

10:45pm It is the 175th Anniversary of Henley Rowing Club, the club being formed the same year the regatta started. There will be a row past in the tea interval this afternoon to mark this immense achievement.

10:45pm A local crew in the guise of the Henley Junior girls quad race next. A quad with an unbeaten record until last weekends trials fro the Anglo - French match. A huge crowd on the bank and coaches who are tearing down the tow path on their bikes. Gloucester are the more powerful of the two crews out of the blocks, though both crews are affected by the wind off the end of the island.

10:35pm A semi-final of the Princess Grace womens' quad race. Both boats packed with GB selected athletes this is a real tussle between the heavyweights and the lightweights. The wind empahsized the difference in weights between the crews and the heavier boat extended their lead in the middle of the course..

10:30pm Tyrian are left behind at the start of the course by a higher rating German quad. Tyrian keep fighting to the line and close the gap to 3/4 of a length at the finish.

10:15pm Rob Roy led from Tideway Scullers after the latter boat had steering issues, after the end of the island. The race is umpired by Richard Phelps, who seems to have a history of 'interesting' races. Tideway Scullers claw back the distance through the middle of the race and take the lead, with Rob Roy fighting all the way and steering issues continuing.

10:10pmTideway Scullers hit the boom but have recovered.

10:10pm A heat of the Wyfold challenge Cup gets under way with the two coxless boats having raced over the previous two days. Tideway Scullers have had the harder races, beating a crew from Norway yesterday. Both crews are one race awau from a final at Henley, a major achievement for any oars person.

10:00pm Racing starts with a heat of the Jubilee Challenge Cup Between Headington School and Marlow Rowing Club. This first race of the day, a heat of the Junior girls quads should be one of the most exciting, given this is a re-match from National Schools.

A packed day of racing ahead today with races every 10 minutes, from 10:00am. Join us here for live results from the course, with the best top university, club and school crews the world has to offer.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

For race results as they happen, bookmark our Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page. Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day.

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