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Finals Day Live: Henley Royal Regatta 2014

4.20pm It has been a great end to a fabulous week at Henley Royal Regatta. There's been sunshine, wind and rain to keep both the rowers and spectators guessing while the racing has provided entertainment, excitement and a few surprises just to prove that you can never take anything for granted in the rowing world. Local crews, Leander and Upper Thames, have done well and congratulations to them but, moreover, congratulations to everyone who has contributed to making the 175th Henley Royal Regatta one to remember. We can't wait until next year, but until then, we bid you good day.

4.10pm That's it for another year. All the crews will now make their way to the Prizegiving Ceremony with Sir Ben Ainslie, most successful Olympic sailor of all time, making the presentations. It takes a winner!

4.08pm Sir William Borlase's live up to expectation to win The Fawley Challenge Cup. But a cheer for Windsor Boys' who have exceeded the expectations of everyone here except perhaps themselves. Well done to them.

4.00pm Sir William Borlase's are widely tipped to take this one but The Windsor Boys are here on merit having knocked others off their pedelstals en route to the final.

4.00pm The final Final. The Fawley Challenge Cup brings Henley Royal Regatta 2014 to a close with Sir William Borlase's School up against The Windsor Boys' School.

3:56pm The Visitors' Challenge Cup: Leander claw back as they near the Stewards' Enclosure. Both crews pounding to the finish. Leander at 38, Harvard at 39. Harvard surge to the finish to win.

3:52pm The penultimate race is underway. Leander (surprise!) take on Harvard in the final of The Visitors' Challenge Cup. It's a close race with both crews rowing the same rate (37) as they vie for position along the Remenham stretch. Harvard take the lead but Leander aren't out of it yet!

3:49pm After winning the Queen Mother Challenge Cup, Peter Lambert, stroke for Leander and Agecroft, said, "It was a good race. We started off strong but they really pushed and at about Fawley got up with us. We absorbed the pressure and picked it up. We love racing in Henley. We won this race last year with almost the same crew."

3:44pm Leander are back again in a composite crew with Gloucester R.C. in The Princess Grace Challenge Cup against Gloucester R.C. & Northwich R.C. The Leander composite are dominating as they reach Remenham.

3:42pm Will Satch, stroke for Leander and University of London comments after victory over Club France in the Grand Challenge Cup, "We had a strong rhythm through the middle and set everything in our favour. It wasn't our best row and there's still a lot to work on but we're happy."

3:39pm Eton gain a late advantage to win The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup for the first time in four years.

3:37pm Eton battle it out with St Edwards in The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup - very close, nothing in it. Eton push to the finish.

3:29pm Leander & Agecroft win. The Australian crew come in a length behind the winners of The Queen Mother Challenge Cup.

3:22pm Silence prevails at the start as the Queen Mother Challenge Cup gets underway. Leander & Agecroft take an early lead over the National Training Centre crew from Australia.

3:18pm Drysdale is showing his form in the Diamonds Sculls as wins ahead of the Dutchman, Braas, who in turn has made quite an impact on Henley Royal Regatta. One to watch for the future.

3:14pm As Braas leads Drysdale in the Diamonds Sculls Challenge, we have caught up with Polly Swann, the No.7 for Leander & Imperial College eight, "We were expecting a close race. They were a class crew but we got enough in the middle of the race. I'm so pleased with how we dealt with ourselves even tough they gave it everything."

3:08pm Leander & University of London celebrate as they cross the line to win The Grand Challenge Cup. With our local man, Will Satch, in the stroke seat, the entire crew applaud their French opponents.

3:05pm Official confirmation: The French crew have won the Double Sculls Challenge Cup beating the Leander crew by just three feet.

3:03pm While we await confirmation of the Double Sculls, the Grand Challenge Cup has started with Leander & University of London looking to gain the advantage over Club France.

3:00pm Very close finish - the French look to have nipped it on the line but we await confirmation.

2:58pm Leander are in a fantastic battle with the French crew. Neck and neck as they both go for glory.

2:52pm Another race featuring Leander. The Double Sculls Challenge Cup sees J.E. Collins & J.F.L. Walton go up against the French crew, S. Delayre & J. Azou.

2:50pm The Leander & Imperial College London composite crew win The Remenham Challenge Cup in style by just 2/3 length.

2:46pm The British composite crew are ahead by just 1/4 length as they head towards Remenham. The crowds are loving this race as these two battle it out.

2:43pm And they're off.

2:42pm A slight delay at the start of The Remenham Challenge Cup something obstructing the course. We'll keep you posted.

2:40pm Next up: The Remenham Challenge Cup with the Leander and Imperial College London composite crew vying with Hollandia R.C.

2:38pm Newcastle University 'A' win The Prince Albert Challenge Cup beating Harvard University by over three lengths. Not as closely fought as expected with Harvard seemingly struggling with the windy conditions.

2:35pm Newcastle University 'A' have taken the initiative over Harvard University and lead by a length.

2:32pm We're off. The Prince Albert Challenge Cup final is underway with Newcastle are neck and neck with Harvard University as they approach the barrier.

2:28pm We have just 10 finals to go and Leander Club are heavily in evidence this afternoon. The Visitors' Challenge Cup will be a battle with Harvard University later at 3.50pm and four composite crews featuring Leander will go for glory in The Remenham Challenge Cup (2.40pm), The Grand Challenge Cup (3pm), The Queen Mother Challenge Cup (3.20pm), and The Princess Grace Challenge Cup (3.50pm). We make no apology for supporting our local crews - come on Leander!

2:16pm Photo: The Leander crew looking dejected after suffering defeat in the closely contested final of The Ladies’ Challenge Plate against the University of Berkeley earlier this morning.

2:10pm Photo: The victorious Upper Thames Rowing Club crews celebrate their double victory with club captain and director of rowing Justin Sutherland

1:10pm California Berkley - the Golden Bears - win by three feet in a very tightly contested race. So close for Leander after they came from behind yesterday.

1:10pm Berkley respond to the push from Leander and the crews are level into the Grandstands. The crowds are roaring and this is an epic finish on a very tight race.

1:00pm Beautiful water and Leander are fighting all the way, having come from behind Brown in the semi-final. Both crews are making moves along the course and this is a real battle of the coxes.

1:00pm Berkley racing Leander got an early advantage in the final of the Ladies Challenge Cup. Leander claw back the distance and a good race is ensuing.

12:55pm Knapkova leads comfortably, having won this race before and also benefiting from training on river conditions. She leads Gyimes at Remenham.

12:50pm This writers favourite race of the day, having raced it herself, between the reigning Olympic champion, Knapkova from the Czech Republic, and Gyimes of Hungary. There is a slight crosswind and the cruisers are not making the scullers' lives easy.

12:50pm Jurgen Grobler is following this crew in the launch and the time is 2 seconds outside of the record in slow conditions, showing the calibre of this crew. It's a perfect row for this combination, with the crowds standing on their feet. The British four cross the line first, with some of its members receiving their first Henley medals.

12:50pm Very powerful rowing from the Britsh crew in the coxless boat of the Stewards' Challenge Cup, racing Club France. This is a packed boat with some well known names, with the GB four being four stone a man heavier than the French lightweights.

12:40pm Seb Deveraux snapped his blade after catching a crab at the start in 2013, in a quad at Henley Royal Regatta, and this year he makes good and wins. A great day for this Leander athlete.

12:40pm Leander make the most of the conditions to pull ahead of the Germans, to whom they are giving away a weight difference, to make this the fifth time in a row for Leander in this event. Some three lengths ahead at the enclosures.

12:35pm The final of the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup gets under way between Leander and Bayer Leverkusen & Rv. Berlin, from Germany. The German crew, looking very neat and powerful, and had a lsight lead which Leander pulled back. Leander continue to scull through the Germans and use their power to walk away from the Germans.

12:35pm Upper Thames rower, Lewis Beech, who racedin the contentious Wyfold event said: “I can't put it in to words. The pictures will sum it up.”

“For us it's the culmination of a very long project. ”

“For some of these guys its been five years building towards it.”

“After last years defeat to come back and get two wins... you couldn't write it.”

12:30pm Umpire Williams at the first clash was warning Tideway Scullers and he has disqulaified Tideway Scullers, giving Upper Thames their second win of the day. Upper Thames will not be happy with such an ungentlemanly win.

12:25pm Coming into the enclosures it is a very close race with Tideway Scullers being the slightly heavier crew. There has been some steering warnings given to Tideway Scullers. Both crews rating 40 which is a real push through the last 250m. There's a clash of blades and the race is red flagged.

12:25pm Upper Thames have a lead at the Barrier, but Tideway Scullers still have an overlap. If you're on the Bucks station at Fawley you have a slight stream advantage and this is were crews tend to put in a big push.

12:20pm Upper Thames race again in the Wyfolds against Tideway Scullers. Both evenly matched crews and steering will be one of the deciding factors of this race, as nerves get the better of the local boys off of the start.

12:20pm Oxford Brooks had a boat naming ceremony last night and the newly named boat, Pete Lowe, wins over Brown.

12:15pm Oxford Brooks row cleanly up the course and push away from the American team, determined to bring the Temple back to the UK, it not having been won by a British club since 2006.

12:15pm A slight cross head wind hitting these two big eights. This is a race of two forms of sports psychology, with training being a factor but also how these coxes get under the skin of these young men in a race. Oxford Brooks have a superb start and have a length at the barrier.

12:10pm The final of the Temple between Oxford Brooks against Brown University USA gets under way, whilst the GB four starts their warm up for their race against the French lightweights.

12:10pm Just after the 2000m mark the Dutch pair pull out a lead of two lengths and win over the South African crew.

12:05pm South Africa have half a length over the Dutch crew at the half way mark. Both crews steer fairly close to the booms, but the Dutch crew pull back, having only recently got together as a crew.

12:00pm South Africa against Holland in the final of the Silver Goblets, being Umpired by Matthew Pinset. Two very experienced crews there is nothing to choose between them.

12:00pm The German crew win and the German stroke manages to break his blade as he throws it in the air. They won by a canvas. Sport Imperial miss out in an incredible final.

11:55am An impressive race with a lead for the German crew at the Barrier from Sport Imperial, in the final of the Thames Challenge Cup, the club eights event. This is a tough race all the way down the course down to the last 35 strokes. It's going to be a tremendous finish. Nip and tuck all the way.

11:55am Scott Smith, cox of the winning Upper Thames crew, in the first race of the day has said:“ Our plan was to get out and stay in front and lead the race the whole way.”

“We knew we were faster than them it was just believing it. ”

“Words can't really describe it. I'm absolutely exstatic I've been chasing this seven or eight years now. ”

11:50am Gloucester win having steered a better course.

11:50am A very good start for both crews. With Gloucester making a mark on the race early on, the wind starts to come into play. The Gloucester crew had an accident earlier this morning, when they collided with another boat, and are currently using a second set of blades. This is a Women's Henley winner against a National Schools winner and it is the former who leads.

11:40am The second race brings together two womens junior quads, to race for the new Diamond Jubilee Cup.

11:40am Upper Thames win form the German crew and as they give their opposition three cheers the scream can be heard up and down the course.

11:35am Upper Thames look in command of the race after both crews had tough races on Saturday, as they come into the enclosures. In race one for the finals day of regatta it looks like a first win for the local club at home on their home straight.

11:34am Britannia Challenge Cup , club coxed fours, gets off cleanly with the Germans having a slight lead at the end of the island, but Upper Thames pulled out a lead of 1/2 length at the Barrier.

11:20am Twenty races starting with a very well supported battle between the German crew supported by the company Bayer and Upper Thames rowing club 'A'. will this be the first win for Upper Thames for fifty years. We hope Diane Sutherland will have a smile on her face after this race.

11:00am Finals Day The tension in the boat tents is palpable as every nut and bolt is checked and every blade collar inspected. Have a good days racing everyone!

A packed day of racing ahead today with races every 10 minutes, from 11:00am. Join us here for live results from the course, with the best top university, club and school crews the world has to offer.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

For race results as they happen, bookmark our Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page. Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and

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