Friday, 20 July 2018

Henley Women’s Regatta 2013 finals results

Elite Lightweight 4x: ULO/SIP/SWB/NEW beat Exeter University, 5.21, by two lengths.

Elite Lightweight 4x: ULO/SIP/SWB/NEW beat Exeter University, 5.21, by two lengths.

Elite 2x: Imperial beat Wallingford RC, 5.43, easily.

Elite 4-: TEE/MBC/AGE/RGU beat Tideway Scullers, 5.32, easily.

Elite 2-: Cardiff City beat Cambridge City RC, 6.12, by three lengths.

Elite Lightweight 1x: Taylor (Putney Town RC) beat Polegreen (Ely RC), 6.22, by three lengths.

SJ8: S Niagara/E L Crossley beat Lady Eleanor Holles, 5.15, by three-quarters of a length.

Senior Lightweight 2x: Mortlake AA beat Wallingford RC, 5.57, easily.

Senior 4+: Newcastle University beat Molesey BC, 5.34, by one-and-a-half lengths.

Elite Lightweight 2-: Durham University BC beat Mortlake AA, 6.10, by four lengths.

Academic 4+: Exeter University beat Manchester, The Uni BC, 5.49, by half a length.

TA/AS 1x: Brown (Sunbury) beat Birkinshaw (Guildford RC), not time taken, by four lengths.

C8: Lea RC beat Galway RC, 5.19, by two lengths.

Senior Lightweight 1x: Marks (Nottingham RC) beat Johnston (TSS), 6.34, by four lengths.

Academic 8: University of London BC beat Reading University BC, 5.15, by two lengths.

Senior 1x: Hart (Nottingham RC) beat McCarthy (Walbrook), 6.31, easily.

SJ1x: Fairs (Tees RC) beat Harris-White (Upper Thames RC), 6.34, easily.

Senior 4x: Nottingham RC beat Wallingford RC, 5.20, by one-and-a-quarter length.

SJ4x: Gloucester beat Headington School, 5.29, by one-and-a-quarter length.

J164x: Marlow RC beat Tideway Scullers, 5.33, by two-and-a-half lengths.

SJ2x: Norske Studenters, Norway, beat Nottingham RC, 5.58, by two-and-a-quarter lengths.

J164+: Weybridge RC beat Sir William Borlase’s GS BC, 6.05 by a canvas.

Senior 8: OUWBC beat GVSU, USA, 5.12, by one-and-a-half lengths.

Senior 2x: Thames RC beat Maidenhead RC, 5.52, by four lengths.

SJ4+: Headington School beat Harriton BC, USA, 5.58, by one length.

C4+: Thames RC beat Putney Town RC, 5.51, by one length.

Elite 1x: Flood (Leander) beat Leyden (Hollingworth Lake), 6.14, by one-and-three-quarter lengths.

Elite 8: TEE/AGE/MBC/GLR/HED/NRC/RGU beat Boston College, USA, 5.10, easily.

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