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Local pride at Regatta finals

Finals day at Henley Royal Regatta saw lots of local crews vying for prizes. There was a lot of excitement and a few upsets - read exactly how it happened here.

This liveblog was updated with all the results, news and reaction from finals day as it happened. Scroll to the bottom to read it in chronological order or check our Henley Royal Regatta Live Results page. **********

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That wraps up this year's 2013 Henley Royal Regatta but keep visiting the Henley Standard website as we catch up with the losing and winning crews.

4.10pm: Latymer Upper School have won the Junior Women's Quadruple Sculls in the final race of the day by 4 1/4 lengths and in a record time of 7.26.

4.00pm: Harvard University 'A', USA has beaten their club mates Harvard University 'B', USA by 3 lengths in a new record time of 6.33.

3.50pm: A.I. Aleksandrov from Kur Club, Azerbaijan has beaten Alan Campbell of The Tideway Scullers to win the Diamonds Challenge Cup by 2 lengths in a time of 7.30.

3.40pm: A superb win for GB crew of Leander & Molesey Boat Club who have won The Grand Challenge Cup by 1 length in a time of 5.54 as another record at the Henley Royal Regatta falls.

Will Satch, 24, of Duke Street, Henley, was part of the Leander and Moseley composite eight that won the Grand by a length in a record time of five minutes and 54 seconds.

The Olympic bronze medallist had previously won the regatta in 2008 but hadn't raced the past two years.

They were given a bye to the final and their first race was delayed for five minutes by swans obstructing the course.

Satch said: "The delay built up the nerves even more but the adrenaline took us through.

"We didn't expect to get the jump and we moved away very slowly.

"They came back in parts of the race but we absorbed it. It was so positive in our attitude all the way through.

"We didn't know what time we were on for the record and only found out afterwards."

Stroke Andrew Triggs-Hodge, a gold medallist at London 2012, said it was a "sublime" effort, adding: "It was good to get the record."

3.30pm: The GB Crew of Leander Club and Minerva Bath Rowing Club have won the Princess Grace Challenge Cup by 1 length and in a time of 6 minutes and 59 seconds.

3.20pm: An unbelievable final between Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club who won by a canvas against Northeastern University 'A', USA in a record time of 5 minutes and 58 seconds.

Lance Tredell, the stroke for the Leander Club and Molesey Boat Club composite that won in the Ladies cup, was delighted after his crew came from behind to beat Northeastern University 'A', from the United States.

His crew found themselves three-quarters of a length down but a surge past the enclosures saw them win by a canvas in one of the vest races of the day.

Tredell, 24, of Bell Street, Henley, said the victory helped ease his pain of losing in two previous finals.

"As soon as we came into the grandstand everything got pretty loud.

"I felt good and confident and felt we were in a good rhythm at that point.

"We started moving hard, we had the momentum and it was a case of maintaining it.

"I was confident in myself and the crew and we're proud if the result.

"It feels really special to have finally won."

3.10pm: Oxford Brookes University & University of London have won the Stewards' Challenge Cup by 1 1/4 lengths in a time of 6 minutes 27 seconds.

3.00pm Abingdon School have won the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup by 1/2 length in a time of 6 minutes and 17 seconds.

Luke Wiggins, 17, from Kingwood, was part of the Abingdon School crew that won in the Princess Elizabeth against St Edward's School.

He said he was "ecstatic", adding: "It seems such a long time ago since the first race.

"It felt super surreal all day. We had to have confidence in ourselves because we've done so much training throughout the whole year.

"We had to put it together and we did."

Wiggins' crew broke the course record for the competition yesterday when they beat the Australian eight and broke it again today with their time of...

He said the semi-final victory was "massive".

"We knew it was going to be tough but we really attacked it," said Wiggins.

"It's been odd with the heat because it feels like we're a million miles away."

2.50pm: Leander Club & Reading University have won the Queen Mother Challenge Cup by 4 1/2 lengths in a time of 6 minutes 17 seconds.

Jonny Walton, 22, of Duke Street, Henley was part of the Leander Club and Reading University quad that beat Waiariki Rowing Club from New Zealand by four-and-a-quarter lengths in the Queen Mother.

He was called up as a late substitute but slotted in seamlessly.

"It was a great race where the guys came together really well," he said.

"It's a joy to work with them. We wanted to be really aggressive off the starting line and that's what we managed to do - we never looked back.

"They tried to attack us but we held our nerve and got the race we wanted. We're really pleased."

2.40pm: Tyrian Club have won the Wyfold Challenge Cup by a canvas in a time of 6 minutes 40 seconds.

We break for lunch now but keep looking at the course for the Monsters Inc crew who will be racing at 1.20pm.

1.10pm: Imperial College, London 'A' have won the Prince Albert Challenge Cup by 3 lengths in a time of 7 minutes.

1.00pm: M. Knapkova (V.K. Slavia Praha, Czech Republic) has won the Princess Royal Challenge Cup by 8 minutes 6 seconds.

12.50am: Huge upset for local Upper Thames 'A' crew as they lose out to Griffen Boat Club by 1 length in the Thames Challenge Cup final.

The Upper Thames 'A' eight was visibly devastated at the end of their one-length defeat by Griffen Boat Club, who posted a time of six minutes and 17 seconds.

They lay on the pontoon looking disconsolate for more than five minutes before retreating to the boat tent, where they were applauded en masse.

Captain Justin Sutherland said he was "proud" of their efforts as they became the most successful men's crew in the club's 50-year history.

He said: "It was nip and tuck all the way up the course. We gave it a really good go but unfortunately, at the end of the day, they managed to find something.

"Congratulations to Griffen, they produced a brilliant performance and are worthy winners, as much as it hurts to say it."

Crew member Luke Wootton, 25, from Wargrave, said he was "gutted".

He said: "It was a hard race and not very nice losing. Fair play to them, they've got a lot of experience.

"We're gutted. I felt very tired at the end. We will be coming back next year and we can win it in the future."

12.40am: M.A.N. Arms & R.W. Manson (Waiariki Rowing Club, New Zealand) have beaten W.P. Lucas & M.K. Langridge (London Rowing Club and Leander Club) to win the Double Sculls Challenge Cup by 2 lengths in a record time of 6.48.

12.30am: Leander Club & Oxford Brookes University win the Remenham Challenge Cup in a time of 6.43.

12.20am: Leander Club picked up its first victory of the day after its 'A' crew beat Aelesunds and Moss Rks in the Prince of Wales cup in record-breaking style.

Katherine Douglas, part of the Leander Club and Oxford Brookes eight that won the Remenham cup, said: "I've never won at Henley before and it was definitely a bigger crowd than other regattas.

"The atmosphere was great coming through to the finish line. All your friends are on the bank shouting your name."

Douglas, 23, of Bell Street, Henley, was a late substitute yesterday. She added: "It was great to get this opportunity."

The quad fell behind by a canvas at the end of the island but recovered to win by four and a half lengths. Their time of six minutes and 23 seconds beat the record for the competition by seven seconds, which was also set by Leander 'A' on 2011

Leander 'A' coach Matt Beechey, from Caversham, said: "It was a perfect race. They stuck to the race plan and I knew the record could be done.

"Even when they were up they carried on with their race plan regardless."

Beechey drank champagne after leading a crew to victory for the fourth time.

He called the current crew of Jack Beaumont, James Johnston, Stewart Innes and Kieren Emery the best he had coached.

"They are brilliant athletes - all the stars have aligned at the same time," he said.

Beaumont, 19, from Maidenhead, said: "We raced all the way to the line - all the training paid off.

"It's awesome to get the record and hopefully seven seconds will be too much for anyone to beat."

12.10am: Murray & Bond have won the Silver Goblet's & Nickalls' Challenge Cup easily in a time of 6.56. This time equals the record set by Sir Stephen Regdrave and Sir Matthew Pincent.

12.00am: D.S.R. Laga, Holland have won the Temple Challenge Cup by 2 1/4 lengths in a time of 6.14.

11.50am: Marlow Rowing Club have won the Fawley Challenge Cup in a record time of 6.39, by just 1/2 length.

11.40am: Taurus Boat Club 'A' have won the Britannia Challenge Cup in a time of 6.54.

10.00am: It's finals day at Henley Royal Regatta and following lots of success yesterday, there's plenty of local Leander Club and Upper Thames rowers to be keeping an eye out for on the water. In particular Leander Club 'A' in the Prince Of Wales, Leander Club & Oxford Brookes University in the Remenham Challenge Cup, Upper Thames 'A' in the Thames Cup, Leander Club & Reading University in the Queen Mother Challange Cup, Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club in the Ladies' Challenge Plate, Leander Club & Minerva Bath Rowing Club in the Princess Challenge Cup, and Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club in The Grand.

As ever the Henley Standard team will be on hand to ensure you have all the results, breaking news, interviews, colour and video you need to keep up with the action.

Join us here for our live results feed, when racing begins. Our web team will be doing live updates on local crews' success through the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from rowers and Regatta goers alike.

In one not-directly rowing related Regatta public service announcement. Pennsylvania-based rower John Omara has dropped his wallet in New News, Reading Road. Owner Pete Patel is keen to reunite the presumed rower with his belongings and is asking him to come in to collect it (there is photo ID included in there so anyone falsely assuming his identity will be quickly rumbled).

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