Thursday, 07 July 2022

Campaigners protest to RAF over lorries

Campaigners protest to RAF over lorries
CAMPAIGNERS against heavy goods vehicles using Watlington as a cut-through have accused RAF Benson of being an offender.

A lorry carrying a Puma helicopter was spotted by Tom Bindoff, a member of protest group WATNEXT, as it was driven through the town last month.

Now the group has written to the RAF to ask that such lorries take a different route.

Mr Bindoff, who lives in Brook Street, said: “We’re concerned about anything that causes congestion in Watlington because it makes the air quality worse.”

He claimed the driver knew he wasn’t supposed to be using the town to get to the base, adding: “It’s very inconsiderate to the local community.” Peter Richardson, who is also a member of the group, said: “So many organisations seem to ignore the recommended routes for large vehicles. Whoever plotted this lorry’s route took very little notice of the problems of getting through Watlington.”

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